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August 11, 2010


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very cool, it has been foggy here too, but I don't pass any scenic places on my way to work in the morning.

i love spiderwebs :)

deanna cohen

beautiful pics. I know how hard it is to capture a spider web.


These are so beautiful. At first the images didn't load and I was dubious about stopping to take pictures of crows, but once they started loading I was glad that you did :)


You take such beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.


Jill Wignall

Were you late for work? I was always late for work from stopping to watch birds in the park. That last picture is very interesting - how strange that they would all set up 'homes' next to each other.

Cozy Memories

you really make the most of everything (so proud of you)
I also love to see dewdrops (or raindrops) on spider's web & flowers/plants. But we hardly ever get fog over here (maybe once or twice a year, I swear, it's too dry) I miss the fog we used to get in Chessy. And now I'm craving for autumn so hard. Ugh, oh well.
thank you so much for sharing my friend. Oh and, ooops & sorry about the lost keys !

Crafty Gardener

beautiful web photos, you captured the dew perfectly


Lucky you to find your keys again! Those webs are fantastic. I wonder if you saw many of the owners of the webs hanging out.

arounna khounnoraj

such beautiful little structures - worth almost losing car keys :)


Glad you found your keys... as always, your photos are very beautiful. Since I found out about it I read yor blog everyday. I'm even planning to crochet some stones, too. ;)


Oh so beautiful... it's been so sunny here. I WISH for a morning like that!!


WOW, i LOVE these pictures! especially the second one with the web and the one with the snail :)

what a magical morning.



glad you were saved from locking your keys in the car! these pictures are beautiful. i want to go to your country.


Beautiful photos. So moody. I'm glad you stopped. And I'm glad you found your keys again too. :)

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