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August 18, 2010


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Patricia Longoria

Beautiful prose that captures a very meditative time. Thank you for sharing that sense of peace and focus that a woods walk provides, and for catching the setting sun.

Cozy Memories

I totally understand how your body & your mind suddenly are at peace as soon as you walk in the forest/wood/or any natural place. (like the beach when there is noone) But the forest is particularly enchanting. I loved the skeleton leaf, and of course all of the other photos ! Thank you for sharing. Patricia said it so much better than me ! (what a writer, that Pat !) xoxo

Jill Wignall

So nice hear of how you take the time to have peace in your busy life. Inspiring really - we all need to remember to take some quiet time : ) These photos are beautiful, I especially like the 'big' white mushroom.

Julie Shackson

I felt myself relaxing as I read this post! Thanks

The Muse of The Day

My breathing slows down too when I go for a walk on my mountain. However, when I spot a mushroom, like that all white one in your third to last photo, it quickens right back up again. It is almost as if it is so delicate & beautiful, like a fairy in the woods, it is going to disappear before I get a chance to photograph it. Carolina


Your photos need no words and yet say so much. Thank you for these few moments of peace and solitude.

Laura A.

Beautiful! Do you know the children's book I AM A MOUSE? It's about a mouse named Deedee who takes readers through his day in the forest and introduces them to all his small friends. You've almost recreated it here. (And in many of your other photo essays.) The last lines of the book are, "But when I see the owl I hurry home before he sees me. Before I go to bed at night I watch the lovely sun go down." I think that's why I love your blog so much--it reminds me of this book, which is the one that taught me to read.


these photos are lovely, and i sense autumn!


beautiful, calming photos - next best thing to taking a walk in the woods myself!


First of all I want to say you that these are awesome photographs you have taken and I really appreciate.Yes I know that how it feel to walk in forest.It is like a great experience.That snake picture is just amazing one.


Love this post. It's a great reminder for me to do the same when I feel that edgy feeling taking over. It's funny how often I forget that nature is my greatest healer. There is just nothing like the high it brings! Though if I ran into a snake in the woods, I am sure my blood pressure would sky rocket! Thankfully, we don't have snakes here... but my time in Texas and Arizona provided plenty of opportunities for me to be certain that if there is anything in the natural world I could do without it would be snakes. Lovely photos--I especially love the sun flaring through the bark. Perfect.

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