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August 31, 2010


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Wow, so many mushrooms. So many shapes, sizes and colours. And they are tiny. Beautiful photos. Thank you.

Geninne D. Zlatkis

My spirits lifted just by looking at your wondrous photos my friend. Vivan los mushrooms!!!

Het Kabinet

They are gorgeous!


teeny tiny wonders of nature!

Cozy Memories

oh me oh my, your new banner is making me fall over my chair !! What a wonderful collaboration ! I don't need to ask who made this marvel.
The summer sun didn't want to leave you without kissing you one more time. :)
keeping you in my thoughts my friend xoxoxo


wonderfully sweet & tiny!

by the way, i don't think i've mentioned that i like the new look of your blog layout, especially the banner... :)



Oh my! The mushrooms are gorgeous and the banner- spectacular! Looks like Geninne's magic brushes have whipped up something so special and very, very Margie. It makes your site an even happier place to visit, if that's possible :)

Nahuatl Vargas

We get some mushrooms in our back yard that only live a day. Love your pictures.

Julie Shackson

Love your new banner! Wonderful mushrooms too; those yellow and red ones really zing alongside the other muted colours.

Jill Wignall

I was thinking of you whilst photographing some mushrooms I saw in the woods this weekend. These pictures are wonderful - so many different colours and shades. Your new banner is fantastic - so perfect for you and your blog!


Oh I love your new banner!Geninne is absolutely great!Have a nice Autumn!Ariadne from Greece!


i love seeing the various incarnations of mushrooms. i don't get to see too many on my city walks.

geninne did a fabulous job on the banner! it's very fitting for your blog and oh-so-beautiful.


I love how the reds and oranges pop in your photos. Love the banner too.

Susan Jonsson

"boy....that is some banner"....said Wilbur!
Somehow I think Charlotte may have helped Gennine?


The jewel tones of those tiny little mushrooms are truly amazing! So glad to have discovered your blog (via Geninne).


I had to come back and say how much I love your new banner. You have a very talented friend.


The banner is gorgeous and I love the mushies!:-)


Love the new banner. I have a silly question. Do you ever wonder if you're getting poison on your fingers when you hold the mushrooms? (hmm perhaps I'm a worry-wart...)

windy spring

They are soooo tenny tinny, I ador your post!


lucky lucky you
it's gorgeous! - nice work Geninne!

The Muse of The Day

Geninne is the perfect "match" for your banner redo. She did a great job in capturing the delicacy of your work and the strength of your character. I am sure you gasped when you saw it.


ooh- i love the new banner! it's beautiful.
a gorgeous combination of you and gennine's minds.


What tiny treasures.


the new blog banner looks amazingly great! also I love your posts about mushrooms!


LOVELY banner...I love Geninne's work.
And your blog is pretty special!!!!
HUGS...and I'll be back.

ann hritz

Fungi heaven-love it all!!!!


beautiful photos, your blog and new banner!


Wonderful+++ banner !!! And so inviting ! It couldn't be nicer ! Geninne is so talented and knows you so well ... Congrats for this collaboration !
P.S. What does Fern think about it ? I guess he's very proud to welcome into your blog nature lovers from all over the world ...


All unique little 'shrooms! :)


Oh my goodness, the only thing as lovely as your banner by the incredible Gennine is your delightful blog! I'm so glad I found you & am completely smitten ; ).

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

That banner is fantastic!! Just perfect. The mushrooms are lovely too. Glad they brought you a little relief.


Love your new banner. Geninne has captured your blog themes beautifully.

Lovely World

That is a fantastic banner you have going on up there! I recognized Geninne's touch right away, yet it also reflects YOU perfectly. XO

Jessie Hansen

I was inspired (by you?) to embroider some mushrooms on an apron for a swap. But then my husband and friend all decided the shrooms that weren't from your site were the ones I needs to embroider. So I did, but I thought of you the whole time!


I love the banner! Your blog looks SO good. I am inspired by you to make a t-shirt rag rug... I may need to ask you some advice!


hola margaret.. the new banner is espectacular!! muy muy muy lindo!!!! is like geninne reads your heart!! is perfect for your blog!! and your photos...bellĂ­simas!!!!!!!!!!!!! besos enormes!!


Your new banner is wonderful. She has captured your essence perfectly.


your posts inspire me to walk a little slower. your pictures of mushrooms have inspired me to seek them out in my own city - a city i grew up in but never noticed them growing in. when i started to look though, i found them everywhere! thanks for posting and all the inspiration.


ohhhhh, such absolutely perfect, tiny little mushrooms!
I think that they must be magic......
they take my breath away...


How teensy and lovely. I love finding little mushrooms in my woods. What treasures!

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