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August 28, 2010


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Karen Mowrey

these are all so breathtaking and unique...as if you were possible of anything less!


These images are so breath-taking Some look like they're flying through the sky. We will have to look out for some bigger mushrooms, G would love to do this. She and I are in awe of these images :)


i was just going to comment on how a couple of them look like they are floating in the sky also! :-) They would make great prints!

Jenni in KS

Mathematical sequences? Could you talk about that some more? Or maybe I'll try to find some info elsewhere online. I'm intrigued. Usually I think, "Math, blech!" and I have trouble helping my kids with anything beyond basic math because of my lack of understanding and attitude. But I love nature and science and maybe that is the way into math for me and my kids. Interesting to think about.

Margaret Oomen



those are two good links if you and your kids want to explore this further.

take care,


Oh, you've really done it this time. STUNNING.
Mathematical sequences indeed - You've reminded me of an interesting book I read as part of my thesis awhile ago called, I think, Nature's Numbers by Ian Stuart. I should read it again, thanks!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Just gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. Love your "lab" too, Dr. Oomen, professor of chromatics naturale.


That mushroom spore print is utterly beautiful. I love how you've captured its three dimensions.

I cannot stop looking at your wool felting in progress. What subtle, lovely colours in that image.


You inspire me more than I can say. Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us. Really, it's a pure joy!

Geninne D. Zlatkis

Breathtaking spore prints Margie, I'm in love with them. The photos you took of them are also spectacular!

Cozy Memories

that spore print is particularly perfect, it would look awesome letterpress printed !!! (or as a fabric too)
love your dyeing backyard laboratory too, but you knew that, right ?! :)
oxox big hugs

arounna khounnoraj

those prints are just stunning

Jill Wignall

The spore prints are amazing. I don't know how you did it, I'll look it up online. When I was a little girl my Gran (whom I solely thank for my love of nature) did spore prints of mushrooms with me in her country cottage - a memory I had forgotten - thank you for bringing it back to me. x


Oh, Margie...your lab! :) Do you have a particular book you reference for natural dyeing? And, that print is stunning!


gorgeous. that is all!


hola margaret!! all these phots are incredible beautifull!!!and l can imagine how you enjoy all this beautifull process of your natural deying!!! amazing!! qué lindo!!1besos!!


The mushroom print is so beautiful. I love your new banner.


Those spore print photos are incredible! I agree with Sonia... I thought of a letterpress print, too!

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