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August 26, 2010


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it's so pretty! almost like coral. i've never seen pink either- i wonder what causes that?

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

Pink lichen !!! Margie, this is utterly amazing !
I love it !
And what a beautiful shade of pink !
x x x


I think your forest loves you so much that it will never stop inventing new wonders to amaze you !
Friday morning hugs to you, dear Margie.

Cozy Memories

you must have the most powerful eyes for spotting such tiny traces of that pink lichen, that's breathtaking. I had seen red/brick ones too, but pink ... I doubt. I'll keep my eyes even more peeled now ! LOL
Oh, and that teeny tiny snail is absolutely adorable !


amazing! you've got quite an eye. it makes me want to walk with more awareness.


so very beautiful and special indeed


could it be a slime mold on the branch? there is a slime mold that is commonly called "wolf's milk" that forms spheres when it is "fruiting". Just a thought, I could not see it well enough to tell if that was it or not.

love the pictures. i check them out everyday! :-)


What a beautiful pink!


It's gorgeous and that tiny snail is so cute.


I used to have an apple tree that got a fungus on it-- it looked a little like this!! Kind of like bug eggs... the only way to help the poor tree was to cover it in a tar like substance. Nasty. Sure, pretty colour but poor tree!


I am fairly sure that this is a lichenicolous fungus called Illosporiopsis christiansenii.
See www.i-spot.org.uk and search for "pink lichen"


Or, go straight to http://lifeonanoxfordlawn.blogspot.com/ and see 1/3 down the page.

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