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August 02, 2010


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Happy August Margie. I love these scenes from your porch, and your rugs are getting me all excited to try one of my own. I just need to learn how to crochet better (and have some extra hours in my day)!


Ms. Margie... i must ask, do you have more hours in the day up there than we have out west? Whatever you 'have'... you need to bottle it and sell it... you exude good energy!

p.s. - mr. snail is looking mighty cheerful on his pretty pillow of petals!

Patricia Longoria

I am loving your summer rug and all the energy you put into it. BTW, my husband is in Toronto for a conference and got swept up in the holiday festivities today.


Love this project. I so want to make one! And those hankies! Swoon.


Your rag rugs are so beautiful and they might be just what finally inspires me to get comfortable with a hook... but it sounds like quite the muscle builder! T-shirts certainly come in a lot of wonderful colors!


you make the best things. There, I said it.


ahhh...i am just itching to make a rag rug! i've got a big hook kicking around the apartment somewhere, probably still in a box from when we moved. i've got to find it!

your laundry line is absolutely beautiful!


Your rug is so beautiful! And I LOVE your second clothesline photo. Just lovely!!


Such a lovely rug. How many T shirts did it take?

Margaret Oomen

Fiona, it took about 12 t shirts although some of them were only tank tops. I should probably write up a little tutorial for this when I make the next one. That might help to answer everyones questions.


I love that you do these macro studies when we're used to seeing the micro from you. What a fun giant hook that is!

I am going to start scavenging t-shirts, too. What a great way to recycle!


Yes! I'd love a tute on making these. Though I cannot crochet :o(, though I know someone who can.
thanks for the creative start to August. I have a feeling it's going to be a good month.
Mary Ellen

Jessie Hansen

I think I need to take a doily pattern, a super pretty big one, but use big thick yarn and a huge hook and make a rug. What do you think?


I would love it if you posted a tutorial! I was just going to ask about the needle size. What should I look for if I want to do this?

Margaret Oomen

Look for the largest one you can find. I used a V size which is 28mm. It is wooden and handmade.


A tutorial on this would fabulous!!!


I would love a tutorial as well! Were the hankies used in the process somehow or just hung up with up with the laundry?

Margaret Oomen

Just hung up with the laundry because everything look prettier with vintage hankies:)


wow- that rug is fabulous! i love that you made it all so quickly. and those linens sitting under the crocheted rock look amazing.

Ticky and Mimi

I'm so happy you posted this! I noticed the rug in your porch pictures. This is just delightful! Thank you for sharing!! Kelli

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

Oooh how nice that must be to crochet with a big crochet after the stones, yes !
You must find it so much quicker :)

Also, I love this hankies collection, and it made me smile to find some of mine there ... It was like playing "Where is Wally / Waldo" ?

x x x


Thanks for the needle info. I am off to search for one now!


Yes, a tutorial! This is perfect...I have so many old T-shirts kicking around!


I'll have to try this, too! I love the recycling aspect of it as well as the beautiful finished product.

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