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August 09, 2010


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deanna cohen

Your covered stones are so beautiful. I am a crocheter and plan on trying this out when I finish some of the other dozen projects I'm working on . I really enjoy your blog.


after quite 'a day'... repeat in red is a very soothing and appreciated gift to look at!

BTW - where'd your pretty header go??

Laura C

I love that stone and would also love to buy one!

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

Amazing !
It really does look like some kind of stone-y eiderdown or quilt ...
Incredible !
x x x

THe Muse of The Day

... it is hard to describe the beauty you have set before my eyes. I am in awe. Since you asked - have you ever kicked around any ideas of photographing the stones with water? Carolina


these photos are lovely! i love those deep, rich reds.

Geninne D. Zlatkis

Absolutely breathtaking! The stone, location and photos!


oh so beautiful and creative. thank you.

Lovely World

So gorgeous. I love seeing the little crocheted flowers - just like the one on the stone you sent me after the other stone I ordered went missing! This is a real gem.

Cozy Memories

this is so good
so so good
I love this stone, this photo shoot, and your new blog look
oxox hugs


this is truly one of your best stones yet. they just get better and better.


gorgeous, margie! the reds and greens look so beautiful together. i love how you integrate so many pieces into one lovely whole.

also, someone above suggested photographing your stones with water and i want to second that idea. i know they would look so great.


Just love it! I can't get enough of your stones. They are amazing. I love the fabric and details and their adventures.


Your stones never cease to amaze me. Your creativity makes me speechless. I can't tell you how I look forward to your blog every day. It's the first thing I check before my email! I've just made one of my own stones and I'm addicted, but it certainly doesn't look anything like yours. I definitely need more practice and more stones! Thanks so much for your inspiration!


Do you have any suggestions on patterns for making more crochet covered stones? Sorry, but I've been smitten! Thanks so much. :)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

The red and that green together... oh. So lovely no matter what background you're using.

Wouldn't it look fetching beneath a stand of Minnesota pines? :D

Heather Assaf

Absolutely amazing Margie! Your raw talent is SO inspiring! Your crocheted stones have morphed into beautiful 'fine art'!!!!


I love how the spots and lines in this stone really seem natural, like nature but enhanced. I think that is what art is all about.

other side of the river

Look for the "Roadside Geology" book series for your area to find some neat spots for photographs.


This one is so lovely - it really came together; thanks for showing the process. I can see why you're so fond of this one - really wonderful.
How did you learn to crochet? You've probably mentioned that before (sorry) - I cannot seem to pick this up from a book; I wonder your thoughts on book-learning vs. personal instruction...

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