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August 08, 2010


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Thank you for sharing your journey. Your work is so lovely. Your photos are always so beautiful, quiet and calming. I love "repeat in red".

Chrissie Grace

It's gorgeous. I love to see the process.


Thank you so much for sharing the journey of "repeat in red". What a beautiful and delicate craft, so serene and calming. I have been wondering how you achieve such beautiful work and now I know. It's a joy to look at your photos.




Your process is such a peaceful one. I loved reading about it and your stone is absolutely gorgeous. Warm thanks you for sharing a part of your universe with us.


thank u, margie, for letting us peek at the process of your beautiful, thoughtful journey. i enjoy reading your blog so very much... and each day challenge myself, with all my might, to wait until the end of the day, before looking in! and then, when i do... it is always worth the wait! so very inspiring... your words, your images. thank u!


Those are gorgeous. I love the stone and I want your embroidery piece in my house, so pretty.


Fascinating to see your process and such beautiful results.

Cozy Memories

another masterpiece, my friend !
I totally agree about the process being more important & enjoyable as the final product.
Um, a question, why does your blog appear different to me today ?


Each step is fascinating and beautiful. I've been peering and gasping at each and every image. I love how you have made collections of covetable treasures out of tiny scraps of fabric and crochet. Stunning work.


I love the colours again, easy to see why you're so taken with it. It must be lovely to hold in your hand and view a different scene at every angle. Gorgeous!
P.S. Your blog is different today in my browser too.


It is by far, super lovely! thank you for letting us see parts of the process. Inspiring for sure!


So lovely!

Cindy Owings

Loved seeing 'repeat in red' creation process. I agree with you about process being more than the end, a concept often difficult for others to comprehend. Thank you for letting us into your journey.


Wow! Seeing the pieces in progress really shows how fine your work is and how detailed your selections are. It's a really beautiful piece. On our recent vacation I collected a few stones to cover to give as presents, but I'm sure I will become attached too; giving them away will be tough. :)

best ~ Annri


This is really so beautiful!Thank you for showing the process! I made my wedding dress in a similiar 10 way years ago- well, the decorative edging and crocheted it together then with an Irish lace-like stitch... it is such a lovely creative way to work! Blessings XX


Gorgeous!! I love your work [and your blog]. :)


I couldn't part with it either ! There's something very personal about it .
I'm inspired and must make something for me .
Can't crochet and , in the middle of town , unlikely to find similar pebble , but Hey !
Old brick , patchwork , ribbons and buttons abound .
Oh dear , another Must Do ....


Oh my, this is so very beautiful. I keep seeing your crocheted stones pop up on other's blogs. It's like you've spread your beauty far-and-wide. But this patchwork treasure you have here is like none other. Simply amazing.

arounna khounnoraj

so nice to see your process - very beautiful.
finally - larger pictures yeahhhhh!


I have recently found this blog and have been lost for days amongst your archives. I love your point of view and it's changed the way I look at the world around me. I find myself looking around more on my walks. My daughter brought a tiny tip of a dried out fern and I had to agree, it's beautiful. And of course I've already found an armful of river stones to work on.

I particularly love the shots you take of your work where you get one, then get another closer in and sometimes (if we are lucky) you get another one even closer. It's like you know that we get one look and want to lean in to check out the details. So many lovely details!

Lovely World

I can just imagine how it feels to get the stretch of the materials just right to cover the stone, after all the work constructing the cover. That is one of my favorite parts when making a crochet-covered stone. The aha it fits moment! This is absolutely stunning.


This is so beautiful. You're very clever.


Thoroughly enjoyable post. Always a treat to see things in process. Thanks for the insight into your way of making beautiful art objects!


Thank you for the glimpse into your process...amazing!

hands follow heart

Absolutely gorgeous! A piece of art. Thanks for sharing your process.


how can i buy some of your crocheted stones? i positively love them.
thank you, holly
[email protected]


Wow! I saw your work and was on in beach in Denmark... obviously with tools, pens and paper in tow when I found some fishing rope. Damn, trying to crochet with that stuff is a nightmare. I then wondered how on earth you got your stones so well knotted and for the life of me try, try and try I couldn't do it. Wont stop me trying but I have to say I do love your work. keep it up, it is gorgous!

nicole murphy

this is one of the most original and inspiring ideas I have seen in years! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pieces.


Thank you for this lovely blog!


wooooow!!!! fantastic...
your Blog it's very lovely...

Thank you and
liebe Grüße from Germany
Traudi aus dem Drosselgarten

Michele Comer Hoffman

Your an Artisan in your own rights ! !
What a beautiful talent, eye for color and a feel for Nature! Bless you ! ! I will return..
"Hippie Hugs with LOVE" Michele

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