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September 28, 2010


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those colours really are to dye for. and i love the look of that needlework you're doing...


What a gorgeous and exciting workshop !!! That "Workroom" looks such an amazing place ! Sooo happy for you, Margie ! I guess your mind is full of colors and projects ...
Would you agree to take me in your pocket, next week, pleeease ? :)


The colours of those natural dyes are beautiful. It's so inspiring to see what happens when natures materials are used. I'm intrigued by the needlework and look forward to seeing more as you progress. Sigh (a happy sigh), such a lovely post.

Cozy Memories

ok, next week you'll have to take Nanou AND me in your pocket !!! This looked so very interesting & exciting ! You achieved so many beautiful colors ! And your prep work is BREATHTAKING too !!
good luck for your day at work
xoxo hugs


Fascinating, must be so interesting working alongside likeminded people, watching the colours emerge..... I am sure the shibori will be quite beautiful work.... I have been spinning wool and dyeing using plant colours, of course, and was thinking of you... thinking perhaps you would like to exchange some handspun again (naturally dyed) some time?


What an amazing array of colour! A fantastic place for you to share your creative energy. Hope you have big pockets, I want to come too!!!


The colours are beautiful and I am intrigued by the shibori. I'm looking forward to watching the process and seeing the final product.

Karen at sew and sow life

oh, fabulous! can't wait to see more.


I love the shibori prep work! I like it all white, even, although I'm sure it will be really cool dyed.


Love the colors they look cool. Can't wait to see more of the needlework.


Oooh, can't wait to see how the shibori turns out!

Those colours look just like what I'm seeing outside my window right now. Brilliant oranges, yellows russets... Beautiful!


a feast of colour! i am kicking myself for not signing up for a natural dye workshop before it filled this fall.

as a dyeing aside - do you have any tips/resources about dyeing with fungi? i have been curiously watching your fungi dye experiments, and lately i have found several dye polypores (brown with white edging) in the woods that are supposed to produce quite strong colours. i'd love to try it out.


such a fun class
can't wait to see our fabric when they are dry and looking forward to your shibori results - got get to tying and knotting.

Lovely World

My local Craft Lab is going to do a dye workshop for October. I am excited to see what the host has up her sleeve. Looks like this was very interesting!

Mireille Dijkstra

Hi Margaret, I LOVED your crochet covered stones so much that I made a blog post about it and linked it back to you. Check it out at http://funkydoodledonkey.blogspot.com/2010/09/delicate-stones.html
You are doing such a great and fun projects!! I will keep following you :-)

Jill Wignall

It looks liek you and the rest of the students have been working very hard! Your reult are looking great. The prep work already looks pretty - I'm excited to see how it turns out. x

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