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September 13, 2010


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Oh my goodness, I just love this post!! Love the bowls, love the book, and as for your shoes!!!!!!!!! Hope you are enjoying some warm dry weather where you are! XX


I have fully enjoyed your meandering thought process. Thank you for sharing it.

RattleFox Darcy

Once again thank you for being such a heart-touching inspiration! I can't stop staring at your little yellow mushroom bowl at the end of the post and daydreaming that it might end up in your Etsy shop and the luck required to get it :). Love & Light -


LOTS of hearts...


you're really having some fun! thank you for putting another smile on my face.


You are absolutely incredible.

Julie Shackson

Absolutely marvelous!


wonderful! those stitches are so lovely.


great mushroom book
and I love your little sweet mushrooms

p.s. see you next week.

Patricia Longoria

Brilliant! You know you're on the right track creatively when your forms are so organic they can disguise themselves as mushrooms.


oh. i love this. but i know you and i share an affinity for mushrooms. plus, that book looks fantastic - wonderful illustrations.


Wonderful shapes. And your book is so gorgeous! I'd have a hard time putting it down. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Cozy Memories

I wouldn't have put it better than Pat (she usually say things so much better than me !)
I'm going to dream of slow stitched bowl mushrooms all day now. (if not all week)


gosh - it was meant to be! cx


I adore your made mushrooms! (= And that book is gorgeous. Just had to add Ysolda's knit mushrooms to my ravelry queue. (since I knit, but don't sew.) (=

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I envision a land of crocheted stones and fringed bowl mushrooms. Oh wait, it's here on Margie's porch. Utter happiness!


I love, I love,thanks this beauty....


it's wonderful looking at the world through your creative eyes:)

Jill Wignall

Oh so clever! How fun that your creations are developing and changing. You should make some of your fabric bowls into mushrooms for the show. They look great!

Lovely World



We've enjoyed seeing amazing mushrooms during our camping trip. Your photos are beautiful. Fun post!

We are watching the leaves as we travel through this season.


I love it! Keep Meandering!


Wow, the illustrations in that book are *amazing*! I can recognize mushrooms from the illustrations better than I think I could from a photograph!

I have a bunch of mushroom photos I took at the lake when I was up there this summer... I keep meaning to group them into "I think these are the same type" and post them, but haven't gotten around to it yet. You and another blogger inspired me to go on a "what kind of mushrooms are there around here" walk. :)

Cindy Owings

Curious, Margie, are your mocs Athabascan, Inuit, or from Alaska? I had the pleasure of working in Baker Lake on a slipper project & the women there make wonderful embroidered/appliqued similiar looking slippers.


I've been trying to find this book forever...
the illustrations are wonderful...all those amazing colors..
I saw it in someone's librart in maine and have been searching ever since.
Where did you get it?

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