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September 23, 2010


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Pure beauty in these photos. A joy to look at.

Geninne D. Zlatkis

I just fell in love with your photos of oak leaves, oak galls, fungi, sporophytes, sleeping snails, aster and goldenrod :) and I'm also in love with all the cute vermilion flycatchers I see everyday around my house.


Moths. We are preparing an exhibition at the museum. 46 extra-large photographic prints of local moths. In them you can see every single scale, all the intricate patterns and breathtaking colours (yes, moths can be extremely colourful!) They're unbelievably beautiful. I'm very excited about it!

Though I cannot lie, they do set my wool-loving heart a-fluttering just a little bit.


I forgot to add a link to the moth photographer's site:


I think you will enjoy them too.


Thank you, Margie, for reminding me gently every day to take a moment and see the beautiful details around me. You have a gentle spirit. I truly appreciate you.


I like so much your first fall captures ! Autumn is a very poetic season ... On my part, I felt in love with the bounty of chestnuts that the majestic chestnut trees are offering us, in town, each September. An exciting treasure hunt !


I keep walking home with oak leaves in my pockets :)
But also, birch twigs and branches (I love their colour) and an amazing selection of lichen and the abundant wood full of Fly Agaric toadstools, it looks like a fairy village :)
And, I love the sunlight shining through your mushroom.


I am blessed to have found your blog! beautiful photos!


Cozy Memories

such beauty everywhere in the autumn, I knew it would be fantastic to see it with your eyes !
I've fallen in love all over again with lichens, I've borrowed two books at the library & am diving in it each evening before going to bed. There are just SO many & all so different !

Julie Shackson

I fall in love every autumn! This year I've also been looking at the amazing autumnal photos that people are posting on Flickr and falling in love there too. xxjxx

Holly McLean

I feel the same way. I never come back into the house, whether I've walked or just been in the yard, without something in my hands. I only wish that I could photograph them as beautifully as you do! I especially love the one of the wildflower-- is it Queen Anne's Lace?-- with the snail inside it.

Karen at sew and sow life

every year, i fall in love with this whole season. i am my most authentic, creative, happy me in the autumn. this season is filled with magic and secrets and wisdom.

thank for sharing the lovely photos.


I fell in love with small, precious little gemstones ;-) with beautiful alpaga yarn... and a house hidden in the woods!

Lovely World

I have been enjoying my walks lately as well. I think the number one things that I notice lately is the changing smells of the woods. The winey smell of decaying plants, the crisp smell of leaves under foot. Perfect autumn.


My two young daughters and I have spent hours exploring the forests around the cottage this summer. With our trips up north soon to come to an end, we recently gathered a variety of moss to make a terrarium to remind us of our adventures.


I am in love with squirrels and with a rock I found in Morro Bay. I love your last shot... It looks almost like a dandelion. Nicole's moth link was way cool, too.

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