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October 17, 2010


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I've noticed that all the leaves have finally fallen off my trees outside my house - and we had frosty grass this morning! Winter is on its way!


We were walking in the park last night, and I noticed the crunching of the leaves under my feet as well the good Fall-like smell of them. It was too dark to see, so I felt like my other senses were working overtime and being extra observant:)


poison ivy is changing color to a beautiful fall color.


Even though things are still green, it has been much cooler. We have now turned on the heat in the mornings; and all the spiders are getting much much bigger.


Even though it can still be considered hot where I live (in Florida), the mornings have started to cool off, and I am enjoying a brisk morning walk again!


Yesterday, on the way to do our Saturday morning shopping, I noticed several trees dotting the road ablaze with fall colors. Each one had a stunning combination of deep oranges, fiery reds, lush greens, and lemony yellows. It's like suddenly, fall just sets the trees on fire--I told my husband it sure is a beautiful death :)


How generous. Your photos have inspired me to go out and take a picture of the exploding milkweed pods. I hope I can do them justice--they are so magical!


Her in sunny Arizona, I've really noticed the sun coming up later and later as the daylight grows shorter....and the darkness befalling us much earlier in the evenings. Makes one want to sleep a little longer in the mornings. The sunsets have been beautiful! Lovely giveaway, anyone would enjoy the treasure.

Rose Howard (Rosemoo)

This year we haven't had many Mockingbirds. We usually have a pair that hangs out and raises a baby or two. This year, nada. And I also saw very few Mockingbirds.

This week, out of the blue, a Mockingbird pair moved and have been signing their little hearts out. There is one in particular that likes to sit in the top of a tree near where I walk my dog every morning. It's a great way to start my day. I look forward to seeing him/her again.


Jessica C

I have noticed the most vibrant red leaves that are long and skinny that remind me of fingers! They have been all over the ground. Between the color and the shape, they really grab my attention b/c I'm used to seeing oak or maple leaves.


I have noticed the squirrels scrambling to catch the last of the little apple berries on our tree in the front yard. It's a frenzy.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I've noticed that the mushrooms that remain are dry and rubbery. I found an old man of the woods, a huge one, that was so dry it felt like a foam movie prop. The textured top had formed into peaks like whipped egg whites. It was really fantastic.


Friday, I was bringing the chickens out from some woody overgrowth around our yard back toward the house and coop, I spotted some beautiful big mushrooms making like fairy decks on a fallen tree. The fairies were nowhere to be seen though, probably the giant chickens frightened them into hiding?


i've noticed that the days are getting shorter.


I was at the coast this week and noticed that the ocean water is still quite warm - it seems strange to many but our coastal waters are warmer in the autumn than in the spring - it gets really hot for a long period of time over the summer months where I live and that is the only reason I can think of for that. There were only a few of the small yellow butterflies left that we see so many of between the middle of September and the middle of October along the beaches. I love sitting up near the grasses while reading a book and all these little beauties will fly all around you....makes your pulse rate slow down and you notice your breathing moving with the rhythm of the ocean's waves hitting the shore. Ahhhhh

Kit Lang

Our hostas have turned a luscious golden orange at their ends, beckoning me into fall with visions of wool tights and cute boots and scarves on crisp autumn days; while the inner leaves still green - hold out the promise that they'll come back to me again, and lovely days of warm sunshine and my hands trailing through water will soon return.


Low water in lakes and rivers and streams. Where we live October is the driest month and is surely shows. Also, the beginning of the leaf changes and cooler weather.

Your work is absolutely beautiful and I'd love to be the proud owner.


what a generous giveaway! your work is beautiful, margie.
in my garden, there are about 8 big icelandic poppies that have just unfurled and a shining in the sun. their petals are so glossy!


I have noticed that the toads are fat and in the early cold mornings I can find them sometimes backed into a hole they've dug for their back end in the top of a pot, and easy way to keep warm overnight. I've had to clean out the old pots so that they don't think it's a good place to hibernate, lest they freeze over the winter!


I've been enjoying the cooler weather and the beautiful foliage.


I saw the most amazing blue flowers today, Pine Barren gentians, and they made me so happy - see here: http://pondpond.blogspot.com/2010/10/blue-gorgeousness.html

Your blue felt thing above reminded me of them, and the crocheted stones remind me of the spots and lines they have on their petals. Gorgeous things, everywhere.

Becky C.

We have been lucky to have gorgeous, warm weather for weeks now. This weekend I enjoyed watching the clouds form and the sky turn grey. We had light sprinkles today that brought the snails out on the porch. It finally feels like Fall. Your art, as always, is inspiring. Thank you!


I have noticed that in the 2 weeks that we have lived here how much the trees have changed. There is still quite a few green trees. I can't wait to see all of them in the beautiful fall colors!!

Glaucia Burgi

I live in a city in the Southwest part of Brasil, so we've just entered spring, and that means hot days and the beginning of the rain season. Changes are everywhere, specially because we had a long and hard dry season this year, so, everything that was brown-ish now is green, and not one kind of green..light, dark, intense,pinkish green...also the swallows are here with their amazing flights and the cicadas are singing like crazy.. Thanks for the chance of winning this amazing giveaway :)


The pine tree in our backyard is loosing its needles. There have never been this many before. The ground is blanketed with brown needles and some end up in the house via the dog.

Jan Ogle

KiaOra Margie. I live in a town in the northern part of the North Island in New Zealand. Spring has arrived... lambs are frolicking in the yard next door and trees are alive with buds and blossom. What captivates me most at the moment is the texture and form of plants in my front garden. The play of light as the wind moves through the leaves, sunshine and shadow is amazing... an ever changing canvas. I'm loving the many shades of green!

Cathy McMurray

When the morning air is crisp, I know it's October in Oregon. And the lighting is so beautiful this time of year.


The Golden Plover are everywhere, crying in the night like they do.


I'm so happy you're going to have a new studio ! It's so exciting ! (though lot of work, I know it ;)
Your giveaway is as much gorgeous as generous, once again ! And that handstitched bowl will be a fabulous and cosy winter nest for your beautiful covered stone ! As I'm a lucky ex-winner, I don't play along, but just want to say that these past times have been more windy, rainy and humid ... colder so we start wearing socks and jackets (even my "creatures" ask me a scarf or a wooly) and I drunk my first hot chocolates in the afternoon ... I noticed many olive stones on the ground, but haven't heard yet the impressive multitude of birds starting their migration (neither received yet bird speck/poo on my clothes or hair) ... the light has changed, beautiful when the sun shines ... some trees in town are turning a bit yellow, but I guess the fally show offered by the neighboured mountains is more spectacular ...
Good luck to everyone and happy Monday to you, Margie !


I'm writing from the southern hemisphere (Australia), so we are observing spring down here. This morning I awoke to the sounds of a baby magpie calling, pleading and nagging his mum for food. It makes me laugh as they are so insistant and continue making noises even when swallowing a delectable grub.
Thank you Margie for such an inspiration blog with beautiful photos.


there are so may changes i love with this summer, but i love the sun waking me up and not the alarm clock, staying so far south is great, it means too that the sun stays till after 6 now,and that will increase in the next month..


It's so fun to read what everyone is experiencing in their part of the world!

I took my kids hiking up near Mt. Rainier yesterday, and we soaked up the last of the subalpine fall colors. Snow dusted the shady parts of the ground, and my kids enjoyed the ice crystals that were forming in the wet sections of the ground. We noticed many fall fungi popping out, and I even saw my first Amanita.

Down here in Puget Sound we had our first frost last night, but the midday sun was warm and glorious. The cyclamen are blooming even as many other plants are getting ready to slumber for the winter.

I look forward to seeing what you do for a studio!


I have noticed that this is the most rainy autumn in Istanbul I have ever seen..


We went sloe picking this weekend and with the lower light, colder air and changing leaves it felt truly autumnal. What amazed me was that I noticed three dragonfly's still hunting food. I wasn't aware that they were around this late in the season and as I've been advised that they don't over winter I guess they were enjoying the last of their days.


it had rained all last week here in florence (italy), but yesterday (my daughter's birthday) the sun broke out in a glorious way and the sky was crystal blue. Perfect for a horse and carriage ride through the historic center....


My Grandson and I have discovered berries, that have dropped off my shrubs, make a satisfying POP if you stand on them - but we do leave most for the birds!


Goodness, what a lovely giveaway! Thankyou! I have noticed the grape hyacinth leaves peeping up from the ground, and tiny catkins on the hazel bushes ready for Spring. The thought of them really helps on a grey rainy day.

Sonia {Cozy Memories}

first of all, what a very generous giveaway you're hosting here my friend ! The lucky winner will be overwhelmed by so much gorgeousness !
what have I seen in my corner of the world ? well, the gigantic Celtis australis facing our building is still having all his leaves, and is now bearing fruits that will feed soooo many birds during the cold months. :)
Have a great start of your week xoxo hugs


I've observed the never ending miracle of the changing colors of the leaves on the many trees in my neighborhoods. Love this season! LindaSonia (baddabinda@yahoo.com)


I love your work. Your stone is so very beautiful, so inspired.

Around us here in Ottawa, I've been noticing the energy in nature - a sort of quickened pace to store, save, prepare. As they drop their leaves (what a marvelous sound in the forest!!) from so very high up, the tall, lanky trees seem to be "tucking in", getting ready. I thought about a nesting energy this week (perhaps because I'm feeling like I need to get ready for our new baby that will be born this spring as the rest of nature emerges from its winter slumber too) and felt a parallel with what is going on around me. It's coming out in my work, too - it feels very powerful. The squirrels, the rodents, the frogs, even the fish - everyone is preparing, a little furiously, as the cool wind whips at them. And what a time of rich, intense colors. The bounty of the garden may have passed, but nature's hues and textures are soooooo bountiful, it's such a feast for the eyes.


I live in a mountain valley and work "up the hill". At the mountaintop the burning bushes and maples are blazing with color, and the dry-damp decay smell of autumn mingles with woodsmoke on the cool clean breeze. The first leaves are just starting to turn at home, but it seems false in the heat from the late summer sun that feels as if it will never give way to fall.


I love watching the rooks dangling their legs in the wind as they come in to land on a branch. I would love to be able to photograph or draw this.


ah well so much to notice right now. yesterday we hiked in the woods and i found a hollowed out log. i got down on my knees since i thought i spied a tiny mushroom and what i found was this log FULL of stacks and stacks of mushrooms. it was this wonderful hidden secret world within the world. it was magic. the hole was so dark so natural photography was not capturing the layers of mushrooms, so i even broke out my flash just so i could remember that moment and share it with the kids.


Although I live in a big city I have the chance to admire the natural world. I went for a walk on Saturday morning and while passing under tall trees I had a glimpse of the sun through the branches. It was marvellous.It made the leaves see-through and it warmed me witout blinding me!Thanks for this giveaway I would love to take part.Ariadne from Greece!

Abby Emerson

On Friday afternoon I was driving by a pond and saw nearly 200 Canada Geese sitting on the bank and swimming. They were having a rest before continuing their migration. It was amazing silent - despite the number of birds. And yesterday I saw a lovely brown mushroom poking up between some fallen red leaves. I immediately thought of your blog!

Karen at sew and sow life

i took a hike yesterday and part of the trail was deep in acorns. hundreds of them, with caps popped off. i wonder what that means about the winter ahead. and i could hear more of them, plopping in the woods all around me. it was quite exquisite.

Julie Shackson

Yesterday we found a tree that is long dead, with holes aplenty for things that scuttle and things that sing. The most wondrous thing though, was a host of ladybirds. I've never seen such variety from reds to yellow; some with so many spots that they were almost black. There was a red one with two black spots, and in the centre of those spots, were red spots. I stood in awe whilst the world carried on around me.


Lovely giveaway - our family postponed a fair bit of work to enjoy the sun and the gorgeous illuminated colours together.

Ashley Lee

The leaves are just beginning to turn here in Mississippi. I am so excited for fall colors. I plan on taking my children outside today to make fall faces with leaves, acorns, mums, and other fall things we can find.

Happy Fall to you and your family!
Ashley Lee


We are having an extended autumn season in Austin this year. The weather has be very mild and pleasant. Everything has really perked up. The trees are even turning colors!

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