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October 14, 2010


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I love those very faint circles. So beautiful! It really gives you an appreciation for how they get those deep, deep Japanese indigo blues.


So beautiful. I am in love with the sea fan . . . and the shell.


lovely! i dream about visiting an indigo artist in japan. imagine keeping an indigo vat alive all the time... a life of lovely blues.


Hi,we call this ( batik) work in our country.All of are very beautiful.bye


It seems like such creative exciting messy fun, and with a beautiful product on the other-side, i love these colors...reminds me of our summer

Cozy Memories

such happy happy photos on this Friday ! I love blue ! Ah, now I understand better for the indigo & cellulosic fibers ... thank goodness you're a chemist. I understand why dyeing with indigo & using shibori technique can be so thrilling, it looks enchanting & magical !
have a lovely & colorful Friday my friend oxoxo hugs


So, so beautiful - the spiral you made reminds me a little of your snaily friend.

The subtle rainbow of dyeing in your last post is breathtaking.


The indigo looks like it's been a lot of fun. The tree and the spiral look cool.


One of my favourite blues... I don't know why, but I'm particularly taken with the idea of indigo tights... Charming.

Jessie Hansen




ana isabel

Yes, we studied indigo quite a lot and used a different recipe for wool and silks to be able to achieve deep blues. I remember the first time our class was introduced indigo, we dipped EVERYTHING! haha indigo is so special!

Jean Betts

Thank you for the chemical explanation of the structure of indigo molecules--short and understandable. If you haven't seen Dominique Cardon"s book "Natural Dyes" she has pages of drawings and explanations of chemical structures. Oh, beautiful blue.


so beautiful!
have a wonderful weekend and good luck with studio prep.


Beautiful indigo, and never "enough" of the chemistry! So interesting!


i'm smitten, too! you've done a great job. the colors and fabric look so beautiful!

Geninne D. Zlatkis

I'm smitten with your awesomeness :) I love all this indigo! The stained wood boards are incredible.

Lovely World

I love all of this Margie. Funny that I was dying silk this week as well. When I was in my last year of college I lived off-campus at a residential craft school. I worked part-time as the property/conference manager. One of my jobs was to maintain the indigo dye vat. It is a living thing really.

helle Jorgensen

Geez!!!That's amazing.

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