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October 24, 2010


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I love peg board and I love black board paint so this is an insanely happy combo to me! I just finished painting my girl's peg board (where your fern drawing has hung for forever and a day)this afternoon! Talk about parallel play;) Didn't paint it black, but if it was for me... I may have. Such a great idea, Margie!


this is so cool. i love the idea of painting a peg board with blackboard paint!


Love your photos....thank you for sharing!


Sweet. I love your little Magritte touch!


what an inspiring site i have tripped upon. you live in a beautiful world.


Actually more like Magritte meets Julia Child.



I never liked pegboard until today. May have to steal this idea. Love the Magritte joke, too.


So clever you are Margie! Love the blackboard and wood together. An amazing combo!


Blackboard/Pegboard - Great idea! I love the wooden spoon display too, but I love the wooden rulers the best!


You're definitely a genius, Margie ! Your pegboard turns perfectly and offers so many possibilities of display ...
Bookhou's birdie is lovely. I guess the smart spider, the duck and him will have great conversations ... probably about the beauty of acorns !


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Sonia {Cozy Memories}

all that wood in your studio makes my head & heart spin ! And so many beauty in one single place ... oh my ! Arounna's lasercut has found the best place for sure. Nanou is so right, I bet it will be chatting with the duck & the spider :)

Jill Wignall

It looks great! Such a clever idea! Also I love your giant acorns! Enjoy the start of our week Margie.


That's cool so natural and fun.


how lovely to see more pictures
such an inspiring corner in your studio.
thanks for your support margie you are the best!


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Allowing that to happen doesn't sound very smart.


This is such a great idea. Thank you for taking the time to post it. I was hoping I could ask a quick question. Pegboards that size are often a bit wobbly (by which I mean they can bend and flex a little when you're moving them, as opposed to staying perfectly rigid). Did you have any problems with the paint cracking, or are you just very careful when moving it? Or did you reinforce the pegboard with something along its back side to keep that from happening? Or did you just find a very sturdy piece of pegboard? Thank you!

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