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October 22, 2010


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I can't stop looking at that desk of yours. It's like a treasure chest. And is that a collection of wooden spoons hanging on your wall? And that last picture is simply beautiful. Would you think about putting it as a print in your shop?


It is so nice! What wonders you will create. I especially like the window treatments and the ironing board. The first snow photo is beautiful!


Your studio looks amazing, a beautiful space for you to work in. I love the photo of the first snow on the rocks. Just gorgeous.


Margie I had to write to you again and ask if you are planning to turn the photo of the rock and snowflake into a postcard or print that you would sell? I would dearly love to have the image on my inspiration board, it's just magical.


it looks beautiful! (the studio i mean). i can't wait to see it in person! i like how the picture above what i'm assuming is a danish teak credenza just seems to magically appear in the 5th photograph... i'd like to see a view of it up close :) and...

it looks beautiful! (the snowflake i mean). i was just speaking about first snowfalls today and i said that back in ontario we would be expecting just a little baby one about now, shortly before halloween. apparently i'll have to wait a little while longer out here on the coast.


Margaret Oomen

Hi Anne,
I could have it printed for you. What size would you like?


Oh my snow already. We are just getting our peak foliage.
Your studio looks amazing. Love the treasures on your desk, my keeps going back to the ironing board so original. The blue dye that you showed us last week looks great in the window.


Holy Smokes! Look at that star! and that Studio! Nice!


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Margie, it's wonderful. So warm and inviting, a place to spend hours lost in thoughts and stitches. All the wood is gorgeous, that floor, and the indigo pieces - stunning! It's fun to see all the pieces on your desk.
What a perfect little snowflake you've been sent, special. Jx


Super congrats for the busy and efficient DKM (Deborah-Kevin-Margie)team ! Your studio is so wonderful, cosy, warm and special ... a very inspiring room where each thing has its own history and makes the space totally unique, like nowhere else.
Your blue shiboris spread a beautiful and soothing light like a stained-glass window. Love your idea of hanging things on your curtain rail. Love even more your desk covered with all your treasures and that fantastic inspiring board. If I had not to work on my own studio-moving, I could stay here all the week-end admiring it !
Good luck for your stuff moving (would love to help you) ! May your week-end lighted up by many star dusts ... And thank you sooo much for making R.F. such an exciting daily appointment, I guess it requires you so much time and energy, day/evening after day/evening ... Big Saturday morning hug from the other side of the ocean !

Jill Wignall

What a beautiful and inspiring place - so nice to have everything clean and tidy and fresh. I bet you can't wait to start crafting in there! It all looks beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your inspiration boards. All the things on your desk looked so inspiring - I was getting closer and closer to the computer screen trying to see all the tiny things! What a collection!

And the snowflake - how brilliant that you managed to capture it so perfectly! Beautiful.


That snowflake is amazing and the room looks so warm and inviting. You'll have to have us all round for tea!


Your studio space looks wonderful - very inviting, and I love your desk display.

Beautiful snowflake picture. :-)

Ruth Hower

What a beautiful home - you are so blessed to be its caretaker! Thank you for sharing your passionate connection with mother earth and your unique ways of expressing it! Your special space is peaceful and inspiring - may you spend many happy hours there. The star of wonder is awesome, especially when you realize that there's never been, nor ever will be, another one just like it! God bless you, Margie!!


what a beautiful place tocreate.


What a beautiful studio! I am so envious of your curbside treasures! I never find anything even remotely as nice down here in Florida. (It's all rattan or wicker.)

And that snowflake picture is gorgeous!!


Your new studio looks lovely and so crisp clean. What is the floor made of?
The lamps are really great and so cheap!
I think the photo you took of the snowflake on the rocks is marvellous!Ariadne from Greece!

Sonia {Cozy Memories}

it's such a nice feeling to start a new room, like a clean slate, a blank canvas. So happy you have the opportunity to do so. Great job, D & K, and you too. I hope you got to create in it today.
I agree, the stone + snowflake photo begs to be printed.
Seeing the top of your desk brightened my very cloudy & grey day. Thank you so much, my friend

Margaret Oomen

hi Ariadne,
the floor is maple hardwood and is quite old.

ana isabel

such pretty space! my studio looks like a disaster right now. I love your shibori pieces in the window, perfection.

Lovely World

Oh Margie. I'm swooning. Such a lovely space, and it "looks" like I imagine you!


such a pretty studio room! I am in love with all your little treasures!


Lovely office!

hands follow heart

What gorgeous space you have. I love the simplicity of light walls and natural wood. Very inspiring. Ha! I just spotted Marybeth's post above and I can only agree that your space does look like I imagine you too!


It looks so perfect!

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