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November 22, 2010


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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Fern. Snail. Celebrity. Icon.

But uh, will the signature be in slime?


Oh, it looks like a beautiful article. But I agree, the slime signature may be an issue.


how exciting for both of you! enjoy the attention, but watch out for paparazzi!

Karen Mowrey

weeeeee...how fabulous!
(please remind fern that 'i knew when' giggle)

Geninne D. Zlatkis

wow! what a beautiful spread! You go Fern! :)
The photos they chose are gorgeous...I wish I could get a hold of a copy too.


how wonderful! i'm going to check out the atlantic newsstand in the morning to see if they carry it :)


What an exciting news ! Congrats Margie, congrats Fern !!! That Liberty boat deserved at least a whole page ! I would queue all the day to have my slimed copy too :) Happy Tuesday !

Sonia {Cozy Memories}

woohoo, congrats my friend (and Fern !) I hope you'lll find a way to get a few copies ! too bad we usually don't have many foreign mags here except rubbish ones. :(
big hugs to you & Fern oxoxo


Oh many congratulations to you both. Ferns should be snailing around with pride today.


Greetings from Finland! Congratulations and we here in the north love your blog too :)


What fun to see all those pages. I'm sure they had a hard time limiting it to just four of you and Fern.
Perhaps there's an online newsstand that sells international magazines.

Ruth Hower

What an honor!! Heartfelt congratulations to you Margie - and to you, too, Fern! You so much deserve this recognition - and more. Your wonderful blog starts my day - now it'll be enjoyed by so many more fortunate people.

Liz Noonan

oh my! that is so fantastic! Congratulations!


Ah, excellent! As it's a german magazine I should think that I can just walk to the station and buy it there. I've never looked for family magazines so far, but I'm sure they will sell it there. And I will even be able to read article without any difficulties. :-)


Games between Nature and Art! What an amazing article!I wish I could read it closer!I will be on the look out here,maybe it comes in Greece too.Congrats!Ariadne from Greece!


oh, there's your chippy red table in print! looks so pretty!! I love the tree formation with the stones.


oohh- congratulations, margie! what an amazing-looking article. 'playing between nature and art'- that's lovely!


:))) how wonderful! Congratulations for you and fern!
I'll check our little village store today without too much hope to find it there but on Friday I'll be in town and I will not stop searching until I find it!
Since long I wanted to tell you how much I love your work and photos of it... hello Margaret, I am Birgit and it has been so nice and inspiring to meet you on your page... you even made me crochet... something I have never been in need for because my grandmother and mother do it in perfection and I thought I will never reach their knowlwdge and so I was happy with their work for me... you resurrected :) the desire to be able to do as well... now I am in Kindergarten-crochet-phase and I am happy with it... I even see progress... and there are some wonderful Piemontese river stones waiting... :)))
Love, Birgit


Margaret, you won't believe it... I could not get a magazine ... :(
I have been in our biggest bookshop with a huge amount of magazines, in a big mall and well sorted magazine stand but they did not have it... one offered me to order it but I decided to do it myself via internet... :))) I did not get a confirmation but I hope it works nevertheless! Hach, it aint easy!
I wish you a wonderful weekend!
Love, Birgit

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