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November 23, 2010


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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I was just watching the chickadees this afternoon, holding on to thin blades of wild grasses, eating the seeds from the top. They were chatting back and forth, seemingly oblivious to the 10 degree weather. I was not oblivious though, and hustled inside, leaving them to their conversation. The blue jays are still active and I see an occasional Pileated Woodpecker, Eagle, and the ever-present hawks.


At our backyard feeder, we've been watching lots of chickadees and junkos. The occasional cardinal and morning doves also.

Geninne D. Zlatkis

Thank you for the mention Margie :)
A friend of mine came over yesterday and fell in love with the embroidered birdie hankie you sent me. I have it up in my inspiration board and I smile every time I look at it. Can't wait to see the new chickadee when you're finished!


ooh, i like all your little birds. i am busily stitching away on a few myself. plus, outside my window at work there are several bird feeders keeping all kinds of birds busy as they try to fight off the cold weather we are having! i love to watch them.


We are seeing flickers (but they are so flighty!), chestnut backed chickadees, orioles, hummingbirds, juncos and crows. I am likin' the start of your black capped chickadee there. Looks like kitty is liking these birds too.

Sonia {Cozy Memories}

from where I sit here, I can see these days : black redstart, magpies, and also European herring gulls coming from the seaside. But of course in town here we have lots of sparrows & pigeons.
ooh what a pretty woodpecker, and you were so close too !! And the chickadee is so adorable already ! (the pine cone too !!) xoxoxo


i saw some waxeyes in our fig tree today. i love them!
i love your birds, too. that embroidery is truly amazing.

Ruth Hower

I'm learning from you all the time, Margie! At my age I need all the brain exercise I can get. I never knew the word "nidify", even though I have a collection of bird's nests! Besides all the beautiful outside birds (we live beside the Juniata River where so many birds and geese can be seen) there are two zebra finches and a parakeet entertaining me inside. Your embroidery is superb. It's always a joy to be at the viewing end of your blog!


UK sparrows, chaffinches, robins,bluetits, coaltits and wood pigeon in the garden - crows further up the road - the odd magpie - much maligned, yet stunning. Cx


Thanks for the new word:) Those woodpeckers are fantastic, they look the same as our great spotted woodpeckers.
Today, outside my window: blue tits, sparrows, robins, wrens, wag tails, wood pigeons, black birds, crows, and lots of partridges. Around midnight our resident tawny owl will come out and say hello, if I can stay awake that late tonight :)

Lovely World

I have seen a pileated woodpecker and a woodcock this week. I don't see those very often. I spy a pinecone in your photo! So fun to make.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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