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November 07, 2010


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Karen Mowrey

what a wonderful idea!
and might i add...YUM!


oh, yumm!


a tasty looking lunch, especially with that gorgeous sun shining in. hopefully arwen only looks, and not pounces, on your little sparrow. i'm definitely in need of comfort food as the colder weather arrives - last night i made 101cookbooks winter pasta which i highly recommend!


It looks delicious, Margie! I love your choice of fillings. Joanie mentioned Cornish pasties as the English equivalent to empanadas; pierogies are the Polish version, I guess. My daughter love them and made a batch for us once. I guess it's pretty universal to fill and wrap dough for a take-along meal.

Sonia {Cozy Memories}

the French version would be "chaussons", but we usually make them all sweet, filled with apple for instance. Pat is right, all countries & civilazations made their version of them, and for our delights !
I am so drooling on my keyboard as I'm typing. I'll take you as responsible if I need to change my laptop because it's ruined. LOL


I love these pictures and your menu so much, wish I could pitch up right there with you in the sun and steal a nibble or two from your lunch. The Arwen image is hilarious, it does look as if he's thinking of how he might slink off with sparrow in his teeth.


Nummy, I haven't made empanadas in so long.

Right now my favourite thing to eat is butternut squash and coconut milk curry on fragrant jasmine rice.


Arwen's interest in the sparrow is a testament to your skills. The sparrow is beautiful. And I think you should make me Sunday lunch sometime. So much more inspiring than my cheese sandwich!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

The look on Arwen's face is cracking me up! It's all too reminiscent of my face looking at this beautiful meal.

liz noonan

beautiful! and yummy!
i am doing a soup swap just for this reason - come share your recipe if you like and try a few new ones! http://wp.me/pGnul-ps


such a yummy spread
the bird is coming along nicely - I see peeking underneath some embroidery on the natural dye piece.

can we see.


I'm looking forward to having lunch at your house some day! (I just invited myself over.) The Arwen photo is so funny. Such an intense stare.


It looks very yummy, indeed ! In France, there is the "coca" with tomatoe and red pepper inside (kind of ratatouille).
With the change of season, we eat more soups in the evening, often with pumpkin/squash + onion + carott + potatoe or with all kind of vegetables, yesterday with lentils. I cook much more cakes as well, yesterday with banana and small bits of chocolate. The week-end in the afternoon, I often prepare a "real" hot chocolate melting a bar of chocolate (instead of powder/drinking chocolate in English ?) with milk, we love that ! I think Arwen would love that too :)

Grenada Holiday deals

Puree tasted so good on your own he was pleased to have done too much. He made pierogi small size with a crystal bowl of my mother. They made a delicious meal with a spicy tomato soup, put a bit of cheddar cheese and a tray of hot drinks.

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