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November 09, 2010


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Carol C

What fun you must be having! Lovely stitchery!


that sparrow embroidery is really beautiful, margie.

ana isabel

I love embroidery and i love birds...so no surprise that i love your latest work. <3


I love embroidery - such a meditative process - I can't wait to see the ornaments.

Kit Lang

Good grief! I've been reading you all this time and you're in Ontario (I gather, not Toronto) too? Why did I think you were far, far away...?

In any case, to say that Massey Hall is like the Canadian version of Carnegie Hall is a huge exaggeration (I mean, HUGE) lol, but it is a nice little hall and you should enjoy the concert. :)

Sonia {Cozy Memories}

Arounna is going to be so happy with the sparrow ! :) I love the shot of the chickadee on the wall ! how on earth did you manage to get it ?!!
and oh me oh my, thank you for the mention, I'll be working on the update almost all day.

Margaret Oomen

I think they ( CBC radio) were referring to it not in the physical sense but they sense that in the canadian music scene you know you have made it when you are playing at Massey Hall. It has wonderful acoustics and I have enjoyed some of my very favorite musicians there.


My brother-in-law saw Rufus in concert last year and from his description, it was a very unique experience. Love the sparrow. The chickadees will sometimes cling to the brick around our door like that too. Hmm, maybe you should stitch a chickadee next.


Little chick is so lovely...can't wait for the shop update!

Julie xo

Margaret Oomen

that is a good idea tara,
perhaps i should do a series of all the birds that inhabit my garden.
my daughter saw rufus a number of years ago in montreal and she said he sat at his piano, playing, singing and smoking. With torontos smoking bylaws at least he wont be doing the latter.

Kit Lang

Oh, in the sense that you've made it when you play at Massey - yes. :)


Perhaps your future chickadee embroidery should have a spider web behind it...

Enjoy the show at Massey Hall! A great place to see a show!


I am a big fan of your beautiful work.
I saw these and thought of you!
(If the link doesn't work, it is Girly Grower Soap from Anthropologie...that look very much like your stones).

Lovely World

Birds are so special to me - I love your story here, and of course the embroidery. I also like the little peek at Melissa needlecase. I have one too - with an embroidered rabbit on it.


Have you seen Rufus before? I have seen him 3 times, the only 3 times he has been to Florida in the last 10 years... I wish he would come more often! Last time I was struck at the audience, what a broad range of young, middle aged, and elderly! Everyone loves Rufus.

Jill Wignall

Your embroidery is just wonderful!

bittorrent movies

Sparrow is coming along nicely and I started to cross stitch is naturally dyed raw silk to make Christmas decorations.


Forgot to mention how much I love these stitches, just had to link it :)

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