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November 24, 2010


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Oh a giftie!!! How thoughtful!LOL

Sonia {Cozy Memories}

poor little creature :(
I have mixed feelings about this photo, I don't know if the poor thing is still alive or more simply & cruelly passed away.


Oh. My kids walked in just as I came to this picture. They wanted an explanation but sadly, it is Wordless Wednesday!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

A gift from the kitties or did he faint from seeing that beautiful rug? I have a feeling that's what I will look like if I ever get to visit your beautiful porch...passed out from the beauty of it all.



We found a little mole just like that laying on our lawn a few weeks ago! I'm glad I found him before my dog did. :(


my thoughts were exactly the same as Molly's. kitties are always so thoughtful.


I found one of these on my rug a few weeks ago, an answer to the summer evening squeeking we were hearing for so long in the garden. My kitty was so proud and I set it aside so my husband could feel how absolutely velvet they are before setting it out into the elements.

life, you know?


we were also gifted one of these soft little guys by our cats this summer - I'd never seen one before, and the cats were so proud. I am with brooke - I couldn't resist touching it, to see if it was as soft as it looked!


But thats not a mole... moles don't have tails. They have something like a hamster stub and really huge paws for digging throught the earth. This is, I think, a water vole? We used to sadly get them alot from our cats too. So utterly heartbreaking but.... it is life. The funniest (can I say that??) was a duck through the cat flap... and it was alive and really pissed off in the kitchen. Ops. (try getting that out again...)

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