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December 19, 2010


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Best wishes, Edgar. May the road to recovery be a speedy one.

Ana Reyes

Awwwwwww! Poor little Edgar....We send him (from far far far Spain) all the best wishes for a prompt recovery...My female siamese cat name Mariloli wishes him the best of luck and prrrr prrrr prrrrr.....Merry christmas....


Get well soon Edgar! We (that's us humans & our three cats Abby, Cobus & Fientje) will keep our fingers & paws crossed for you!


my poor Edgar, you've been through a whole lot. We all wish you a full recovery. I know you're surrounded by much much love, so I know you'll be fine. Thinking about you. Take good care. xoxoxo

Melissa de la Fuente

Aw, poor little guy! Hope he is feeling much, MUCH better very soon!


Hope he feels better soon!

Liz Noonan

poor baby! hope he gets better soon!


poor edgar. love is good medicine, seems he has plenty. xo, Blair

Kit Lang

I literally gasped when I read your intro. I'm so glad he's on his way to recovery with his loving family around him. :)


Get well soon, lovely Edgar!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Poor little guy. We're all sending him healing wishes from MN.


oh! poor Edgar! My two kitties, Thomas and Mollie (and me too) are sending wishes for a quick recovery!

Carol C.

OUch! It hurts when our fur people hurt! I'm glad he survived what could have been a horrible end and is back now, surrounded by love. He's obviously healing...


Poor little guy... hope he gets better soon!


Poor baby! I'm sending Edgar a lot of love right away.


Bonsoir Edgar, tu es très courageux d'avoir confronté un chien malpoli et dangeureux, nous te souhaitons, princesse Pluchon(le chat) et toute la famille un bon rétablissement, joyeux Noel à toi et à toute ta famille


Get better soon, sweet Edgar.


oh my goodness, I hope he feels better soon so he can play with his buddies!
Thank you so much for the beautiful card, it meant a lot to me!! Such a special surprise to receive snail mail from one of my favorite blogs!!

Merry Christmas to you!



dear Puss, get well soon xx

Lisa (Lou Lou & Oscar)

Beautiful Edgar, we are sending you get well paw kisses and magic healing ear strokes, feel better soon little guy. You are in good hands. Much love to Oomen humans and animals alike, thinking of you and sending bear hugs!


Oh the poor kitty. I do hope he gets better very soon. Sending lots of pats and cuddles to Edgar. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Anne xx


So glad to hear your kitty is on the mend. Aren't veterinarians the kindest souls on the planet!? Hope you all rest well and feel better soon. Hugs, Kathi


ohhhhhhhh edgarrrrrr! how do you manage to get into so much trouble!?!? it seems much to frequent an occurrence. i can't wait to get home so i can give you some lovin'

get better soon so that we can play!


Poor Edgar! I'm sure the lovely card will help him feel much better. Sending lots of get well wishes from Wales :-)

Lovely World

I am so sorry Margie! We are such a cat family, and I appreciate how this must be for your family. Two of our cats go out, mostly supervised, but not always. Because we live at the edge of the deep woods, I am always worried about coyotes. I wish Edgar a fast recovery. Looks like his fellow cats will help nurse him.

The Muse of The Day

If I was Edgar, I too would be relieved to be home and surrounded by those who love me, take care of me, and let me know by their attention and their cards that I am appreciated. Is that feeling not the perfect gift at Christmas? Good luck, Edgar.

Merry Christmas Margie.



Oh no, poor baby!!! I am so glad he is well on his way to feeling better. No more outdoors for a while!! And what a precious card for his kitty brother to give him!

michele (maryland)

Oh, not poor Edgar. I do hope he "gets well soon." our love to him for a speedy recovery..


Get well soon Edgar! My BooBoo is sending some "get well" purrs. :)


My cat ladies sending good thoughts to you, Edgar! Hope you get well soon.


oh no- poor thing!!


hope he's healing well and maybe this full moon eclipse will help pull him on swiftly to full health. :)

Jill Wignall

Get well soon Edgar! x x x


I'm glad to hear edgar is on the mend
and how sweet of byron to write such a nice note


oh my, I hope he is mending well...

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