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December 11, 2010


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I just blogged about it. It really makes me sick. I hope consumers can get educated to buy being aware of what they are buying.

Jenna C.

I left a long comment on Sonia's blog. I am so sorry this is happening to you and to others. Please know, that as a consumer, I value your time and talent and ingenuity immensely. I am constantly inspired by what you and others are giving out to the world. Thank you for your art.

Jessie Hansen

So I know Craftster isn't a selling community, but I love it there because of the lack of trolls. My husband doesn't believe that there can be an online community that big without trolls, but it's true!


I do love Jan Brett's books.


Trolls indeed Margie!

Lovely World

I went and read all of the posts you linked to. Lots to think about. A while back I read a bit about what was happening to the creative young woman who makes Fern animals - how a big company had used her designs in mass production. I also read a frightening post by a woman who found that someone else had taken photos and content from her blog (including photos of her children) and used them as her own - basically a case of identity theft. Creepy.

Inspiration/sharing/learning vs stealing/misrepresentation.
I loved what Creative Thursday had to say about her life as an artist and the long, steady road she has taken. I have been using the term "Slow Craft" a lot lately (adopted from the Slow Food movement). I do not know if I made that up or heard it somewhere but I feel that my creative process SLOWLY unfolds - I learn and add to my skills. I don't want to be sloppy or focused on the end result. I do not have a need for an immediate goal or gratification. I think that happiness and longevity probably come from this approach.

Thanks again for your thoughtfulness.

Cindy Michaud

yes, yes, and yes again...I always recommend buying original and "stimulating" the economy of handcrafted. Stay out of mass produced and you won't aid and abet the trolls.

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