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January 11, 2011


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happy blog birthday!!

lots and lots of love from halifax

gwen (Belgium-Europe)

Happy Blog-Birthday !
I come here everyday... you make such wonderful things...
I just love it !


What an honor it would be to have a stone created in honor of your Mom. I'd be delighted no end.


What a beautiful way of keeping the 'missing pieces' in your life visible to set an extra plate at the table. I celebrate my brothers birthday every year with flowers & cake, just to celebrate his life.
Wish you a happy blog-birthday & beautiful day filled with heartwarming memories.


This is one of my favorite places to come for a visit...thank you!

Kit Lang

Happy blog birthday, and my condolences on your loss as well. I'm glad you keep her memory sweet...


Happy Blog and Shop Anniversary, Margie! Since the first time i came here, i couldn't avoid expecting what new you would bring to us. You're a creative and very sensible person whose work bring us much more than a plastic beauty. There are deepness, history and discoveries inside. Just like your Mom and the missing pieces stone. Missing pieces are to honor those who are gone, and to all that are coming...how important is to leave open spaces in our lives.
Thank you for all these years together :)
(and what a special giveaway!)


Happy blog-birthday! You're such a lovely, generous person, and a daily inspiration. Thank you for all that you share with us.

Gunnel Svensson

Happy blog-bithday!
I love your work, your blog and your beautiful photos! It´s hard to lost one of your love, but you have your memories!!!

woolf (aka nadine)

it is such a beautiful design, for such a moving story. like your custom of putting an extra plate on the table too... makes me wonder.
my mum is old. the picture of your mum reminds me of her a little. brittle, yet altogether there.
i've only come to appreciate my mum recently (long story). i am touched.


I am stopping by for congratulating you on your blog 3rd birthday, and for giving as much comfort as my words can give you today. Don't count me in for the giveaway though, I'm extremely honored to host one already.


I love your tradition idea, of setting a place at the table for a lost loved one. Congratulations on your blog anniversary.

ML Herrick

There is a similar tradition on Christmas Eve in Polish households (my heritage)--a space for the Christ Child, in the form of any visitor who may happen by and could be invited to join us. The place isn't really empty, it's the promise for the future, and space to love even more.


what a treasured gift.
so sorry about the loss of your mom, but i love how she warms your heart each and every day. that is truly how we all live forever, in the hearts of those we love....


What a lovely post - and sweet tradition.

I was reading a bit this morning and came across this article about naturalists, old illustrations and decoupage, etc. which brought you to mind; perhaps you'd find it interesting too...
Take care!


What a wonderful tradition. And a sweet and bittersweet anniversary too.
Happy blog birthday friend, long may you continue to keep this beautiful space.


Happy blog birthday and best wishes for many more years of blogging.
My father passed away 6 years ago yesterday and I miss so many small things. He loved his garden and every year on 'dad dates' we spend time doing something in the garden - just to keep him close - much like your empty chair I imagine. Thank you for all the time and effort you spend bringing RF to life


love that photo of the two of you. i am sure you miss her terribly every day. how kind of you to have a giveaway in her honor. the last stone is my fave but they are all gorgeous. sending you warm and happy blessings, rae


This idea of setting an empty place at a celebration is so lovely! Life moves so fast (especially as my children grow) I often lose even the desire for reflection. I will have to find a way to incorporate this.


I only started reading your blog recently, although I try to leave comments when I have something to say. I love reading about your point of view, in your little corner of Canada. The sights you capture with your camera are what I often see when outside in nature, so I don't feel so alone! Thank you for all that you share with us.


Such lovely words, always poignant and honest and real. Life is so often intertwined with joys and loses. Your blog shows us how to go through it all gracefully.


I would love to enter the opportunity to win one of your stones... I was also thinking about this book http://www.amazon.com/Sacred-Stones-Power-Earth-Change/dp/1593371136/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1294753739&sr=1-1 and wondered if you know it - it has some lovely stories of the meaning of stones in peoples lives. Happy 3rd milestone. Cx

Ruth Hower

My eyes are filled with sad/happy tears for you, Margie. Your dear Mother is living on in the hearts and spirits of you and your children. Such precious memories are beyond words - my heart goes out to you and yours on this Special Day.
Hearty congratulations on your Blog Anniversary - I'm so blessed to have found it. You make every day special for me!


Congratulations -- I love your Blog!
Your stones are sooo wonderful and I love all the nature pictures!


your post brought tears to my eyes. my father died when i was 11, and i miss him even more now that i am a parent. i am learning to embrace those feelings and celebrate the relationship we had, rather than mourn the loss. i may just be setting some extra places at my table for him soon...

martha brown

This is anopportunity to thank-you for all your blogs in the past. I love your chrocheted stones and the way you place them and photograph them they make me think of spider webs caught in time. Sort of the ephemeral capturing the permanent. I've found you through my daughter's blog. My name's Judy


I would be honored to own one of your stones in honor of your mom. I have tears in my eyes and I know a lot of people will be wishing you happy thoughts today.


I know what it is to loose a mother. My mama died 5 years ago and I still miss her so much. My thoughts are with you.
Your stones are lovely. I love to look at all your great work and your lovely pictures. You are a true artist.
Have a Blessed Day,


I have soooooo enjoyed your many blog posts and wonderful photography!!! Happy Blog Anniversary!!! Looking forward to many more posts!
also I happened upon a book the other day entitled - The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating written by Elisabeth Tova Bailey. Thought of you and wondered if you have seen/read it?

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Thinking of you today, M.

Abby Emerson

Thank you for bringing beauty into this world every day. The strength of your heart shines through.

Kelly McMichael

I love your posts and photos. Thank you for letting me be a part of your life . . . .


My heart is heavy from seeing the photo of you and your beautiful mother, so delicate but yet so strong. I could think of nothing but a quote from Toni Morrison...

"Beloved, you are my sister, you are my daughter, you are my face; you are me."

Find solace knowing her beauty and grace lives on through you and your art!

Abby Glassenberg

These are so beautiful! I would be honored to own one.

Jenna C.

many congrats on your blog. tears looking at the pictures of your mom. i lost my beloved grandfather at this time of year and i often think of the pieces of him that still live in me.

Elaine Waters

I read your blog for the macro details that allow me to slow down, breathe deep, seek peace in my own place. It has been a sweet walk with you since I found you two summers ago, and I feel blessed to have had a window into your journey.


What a beautiful remembrance of your dear one. How sweet is that photo of her holding the beloved stone you created for her and a magazine with the stone in the photo.......truly a memory to fill your heart with joy and gratitude for being given the time you had together. Very special Margie indeed, happy blog anniversary.....the years do pass by so fast.

Sarah E

happy anniversary & love and hugs from texas! i think this is a beautiful way to honor someone special.


i would love to have one of your lovely crochet/fabric covered stones ~ i've been admiring them for a long time, but still haven't gotten one in my hands yet & haven't improved my crochet skills yet to make one myself, if i were the winner of your giveaway i would find a special place to put the stone in my turquoise studio ~ thank you for the opportunity !

i know what you are going through right now (your mother passed away right after my mother passed away), you have wonderful memories of her & everything that you've done for her shows that you loved her very much ~ take care of yourself


What a beautiful tradition. I love the idea of commemorating the "missing pieces" in life with such beauty and thoughtfulness—this is so you.

How heartwarming to see the photos of your beautiful mother again. Thank you always for sharing these things with us.

Jenell Heimbach

I've been following your blog for about 2 1/2 years now, and during that time you have inspired me with your love of nature, your experimentation, and your stone designs. But your words this last year have been especially touching to me. My mom passed away two years ago...she was too young...I'm mad about that...and feeling quite adrift. Isn't it funny that you, a faraway person, in sharing your story, has helped me feel connected? Thank you, Margie. Faraway hugs to you.

Jessie Hansen

Last night and today I have been missing someone that left us last year as well. I slept in her hoodie.


Congratulations on RF's birthday! What a wonderful source of inspiration and generosity you provide. Sweet remembrance.



That sounds like a good tradition to have. It is too bad your blog anniversary has to be on the anniversary of her death as well, but what a wonderful way to celebrate both. I love the shot where she is holding the stone that is also in the magazine. So glad I found Resurrection Fern, it's such a nice place to visit!

Andrea in Argentina

Thanks for a wonderful giveaway and a wonderful memory of your mom and your traditions. Inspired by you, I gave a crocheted stone to my brother-in-law this Christmas. The stone was from lake Nahuel Huapi (http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lago_Nahuel_Huapi.jpg) and I crocheted an A, his house's initial, around it. He was happy, and I was happier!


I find your blog so inspiring Margie. You are a gift.

Geninne D. Zlatkis

I was just thinking about Alice yesterday...I knew her anniversary was around the corner. What a lovely way to celebrate her life and how special she was on this earth. Love the withered flower photos so much. Hugs my friend and lotsa love.


Congratulations!! The stones are beautiful!


Your stones are beautiful. And your blog is a little place of joy and wonderment for me during my day. Thank you for that. :)


You are an incredible inspiration- your mother must be incredibly proud <3 Thank-you.

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