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January 11, 2011


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I went to a shaman-centric workshop last winter and one of the practices we discussed was honoring our ancestors. What a lovely way you have of doing so, asking them to join you at a meal! I would be so thrilled to win; but, I feel like I already receive a gift from you each time you post. Your images are hauntingly beautiful. Thank you so much for your blog.


I enjoy reading you and looking at your pictures very much I find them inspiring. Thank you for sharing them.


Such beautiful stones, delicate and nostalgic. What a lovely way to remember someone.


Thank you for sharing your precious pictures - your Mother shines with love xx


This is such a beautiful post, so touching and inspirational (like so many of your other posts). Thank you for sharing -all that you do.

Jane A

Margie, I was blessed when I found your blog. It is the first one read everyday. I too have a great love of stones, you should see my home! Lost my mom 7 years ago so can relate to your feelings of loss. They are never truly gone...always in our hearts. Happy blog birthday....keep sharing. Always J


Happy blog anniversary! Such a lovely tradition, and a way to show tangibly the connection you still feel with loved ones. My favourite great aunt passed away when I was 14, and I always said if I ever had a daughter, I would name the baby after her. Took me over 20 years, but I finally kept my word in 2008.

Jill Wignall

This is such a beautiful and thoughtful thing to do Margie. I love how thoughtful and positive you are. Warm wishes and thoughts to you today. x


what a wonderful tradition & memory to share.

and missing pieces being the perfect thing to pair as well....



Your art is amazing. And you are defiantly on my inspirations list!! It must be an awesome feeling to show your art to the world, and have people understand it. Congrats on the lovely blog! Have a nice day :)


What a great title in your post today when a celebration and a death of a most beloved person coincide with a missing "stone". I love your stones and so much would love to have one so I am of course taking part in this giveaway.I just finished a very difficult(for me) and complicated sea world sampler which I started in memory of my father who died 13 years ago this March. Our beloved missing "stones" are always in our hearts!And just today I learnt of the unfortunate death of a penfriend whom I didn't know very well but still my heart became a "stone" by her death!AriadnefromGreece!

Lori Barker

I so well the love that you feel for those special mothers. I have one who is still here with me but I cherish her as often as I can because at 84 every day counts. I wish you many warm cozy moments with loving thoughts of your precious mom. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your amazing creations. I love your site. My mom and I both love your covered stones and we have taken to covering all sizes and shapes with hand crochet and doilies we find at thrift stores.

Ashley Lee

What a special way celebrate your blog anniversary and to remember your mother. I love visiting resurrection fern daily. Happy anniversary!


This is a beautiful post. What a wonderful tradition to remember those who are no longer physically there.

I come to your blog for visual inspiration and for a reminder that beauty is all around. Thanks for the generous give-away. My fingers (and toes) are crossed.


Wow. That is a fantastic post and a great giveaway. I would be honored to win a stone from your workshop.


Happy blog anniversary. Treasuring the memories of those we love who have gone before us is bitter sweet but part of the richness of life. Your stones are a wonderful way to remind us to cherish the things that are most important in life - the people we love. Thank you for sharing your creativity and your memories.


I'm sorry for your loss. My altar would be honored to house one of your stones in memory of those gone before.


Very happy blog-birthday!
I'm really touched by your lovely way of remembering those that aren't with us anymore, that's such a wonderful tradition to hold.


Happy blog anniversary! Thank you for sharing so much of your life with us readers. I never win anything. But I won't stop trying. - I hope Edgar is feeling better?


That is a lovely tradition, and so wonderful to have someone in your heart who can cheer you up just by thinking about them.

I have a few blogs on my must-read list, and yours is one that inspires me deeply on a daily basis. Thank you for sharing your creativity and insights with us. We all appreciate you!


I'm also one of the many people who come to visit everyday ;) There is always a little (and even often big) something to catch in your posts, that's what I love about them. Thank you for sharing and happy three year blog!


a lovely post and lovely stones. happy blog-i-versary!

Sarah Lee

what a sweet tradition.
i would love nothing more than one of your creations.

Laura A.

Warmest congratulations on your third anniversary and a hug to ease the pain in remembering someone gone too soon (and family is always gone too soon). Your stones are beautiful and I'd be honoured to have one in my house--with all those I've collected myself.


I, too, come here every day. Thank you so much for sharing everything here so freely and generously.


i come here for solace & inspiration ~ always something marvellous, a bath of awe & wonder. today is the 2 month anniversary of the death of my soulmate. he was a tender, gentle giant; a true gardener; a wild woodsman. we lived together in a tent all one winter here in bc. sadly, he was killed in a stabbing incident, unprovoked and unmerited. he is my missing piece, and every day i open my heart to the man who meant more to me than all others. with love to all those dear to us in the spirit world; and with love for your magical blog... j

Denise Leavens

There would be a BIG missing piece of my life without your blog. I discovered you during a very, very difficult time in my life (lifelong struggle with severe depression and then menopause really sent me into a dive) and looking forward to your blog every day really helped me - so very much.

Your photography, focus on creating and nature and family just sang to me. Gave me hope. Thank you so much for sharing your journey so enthusiastically and congratulations on this anniversary!


I just discovered your blog - Happy Anniversary!

My grandma has been gone for many Christmases now... She crocheted and would have loved your work, too.


I love the pic of your mum looking at the magazine article and the rock that is in it!!!
What a gift that she got to see your artistic success. Beautiful. I'm sorry for your loss.
I hope you feel some of the peace that I get from this wonderful blog.
Thank you!! 8*)

aupres de  mon arbre

I love pebbles, I draw on some, I glue some pieces of fabrics over, I hope you will sell some a day on your shop and I hope not arriving the last to buy one. Of course I want to win one of yours ! I love yours !


Thank you for sharing such a poignant moment in your life. I lost my mum last April and it is a bit like a stone in my heart... but yours are beautiful...

Krista H

Oh! I had seen those stones before, but now I understand them. Beautiful!

Trish W.

I first found your work on Flickr, now follow your lovely blog by feed reader on my homepage. You never fail to inspire! Congratulations on three years in the blogosphere :-)


Your site is an inspiration every day! I have tried a few crocheted stones, and I so like to look at them in a group.


happy blog-anniversary,
so lovely to see the pictures of your mom - the photo of the flower is very beautiful.
I enjoy seeing the world through your eyes
much love and I look forward to another 1000posts


Happy Blog Birthday.
The sorrow of losing someone dear can only be diminished by resurrecting cherished memories. It looks like you have many memories to look back upon.
Thank you for sharing one of your beautiful stones.


how sweet you are to honor your mother in this way...i am truly touched and feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon your beautiful blog...thank you for a chance to be part of the love...


happy blog birthday, darling margie.
and i'm thinking of you and your mum today, too.
with love from the other end of the world.

Lovely World

Your mother has left a legacy of amazing women - yourself, your daughters (and there are probably many others of your clan that I do not know from your blog). Many happy wishes to you on your blog anniversary, and a hug as you remember and honor your mother.


Margie, the photo's were touching. I'm sure you must miss her dearly. What a precious stone as a reminder of someone so dear to your heart.


Sweet, sweet, sweet....my mom died in April 2010 and I am still working through my grief...I like the idea of setting a place for her, and I will do that one of these days. I posted a quilt on my blog that I made for her when she began her chemo in 2005...


I found your blog at The Purl Bee, and I have so enjoyed reading your words, and seeing your beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing your love of family, nature, and beauty! Happy blog anniversary and enjoy those sweet memories!


Thank you for this gift. I love all your work.


Margie - I love reading your blog. Expressing your love of nature through your art is so evident in everything you make.
I'm sorry for the loss of your mother last year. You were blessed with a wonderful mother which is evident from the picture of the two of you.
In thinking of missing pieces I thought of the missing piece of my mother in my life through addiction and mental illness. At this time I do not know where she is. I think my love of vintage things comes from an attempt to connect to a past I do not have - the part of me that is missing a mother and the nuturing that I lacked growing up.
The small beautiful pieces of fabric in your stones held together by the fragile lacey crochet remind me of the fragile bonds of life. The holes that loss leaves in our hearts but the beauty that lies around them in our memories.


I can't believe that a year has passed. I love the photo of your mom in pink looking at the beautiful stone she's holding. Congratulations on your blog birthday :) and thank you for your wonderful posts.


Thank you for sharing so much of the beauty that surrounds you. You inspire me to stop and look at the beauty surrounding me every day. My beloved Grandmother just turned 95 and I know her time is near. She may be missing from my physical life before long, but she will always be a huge piece of my spiritual and emotional life as I'm sure your Mother is for you. Once again, thank you for sharing.


beautiful stones, beautiful memories, beautiful mom. thank you for sharing. i hope that your heart is full of your memories, thoughts & love for her to help bring comfort to you.


I would be very honored to have a missing pieces stone. Its beauty would a daily reminder of those I love who have gone before, and a token to remind me to be kind to others because we all are members of the fellowship of the bereaved.


What an amazing tradition. I would love to have one of your missing pieces stones, I covet my covered stones so much! All because you introduced me to them.


I lost my grandma this summer, so I especially appreciate that you shared these photos. Really really sweet that she got to see your lovely work. Thanks for the lovely inspiration lately. I mentioned your blog on recent post, for the inspiration to find nature again in my photography and blogging.


Congratulations on three years of inspiring others with your beautiful creations! I've admired and been impressed with so many things you've made! Keep up the good work, M!

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