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January 02, 2011


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My personal favourite is picture one. Your new lens is amazing!Ariadne from Greece


I am green with envy over your new lens! Your photos are stunning. I like the leaf skeleton one very much. I love those snowfalls where you can see each snowflake, and they glisten in the sun. It is magical. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us.


I am obsessed with getting snowflake shots like this too - you did an amazing job!


Beautiful beautiful photos, so delicate ( much like your pretty stones)
Happy new years to you!!


oh boy!
+ your camera
+ a macro lens
= this is gonna' be good!
so much beauty.
thank you for sharing.


Wow, that first picture is really amazing!!


Those snowflakes are so beautiful, we only got snow for 1 day in Victoria and I missed the chance to photograph any flakes. Aren't 1:1 ratio lenses amazing? My Canon 60mm macro lens was the first lens I ever purchased and it is still my hands down favourite.

ellen kelley

Your photos are so lovely. I have been reading your blog for some time now, and shamefully, have never left a comment. It's a bit of shyness and I am always overwhelmed by your creativity and grace. May I just say that each time I read and "look" as in see and feel, it has all been a wonder to me.
I wish you the best in this new year; joy, wonder, surprise and love. ellen


Are you kidding?!! your first two photos are amazing!!!! just, wow.


I knew I was right to be excited about a macro lens in your hands. So awesome and stunning. I'm just a little bit jealous of your camera, I have to say..:)


STUNNING photos!
Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Lovely World

That lens is a thing of beauty, and you seem to be having such a satisfying time with it. There is a book called "Snowflake Bentley" by Jacqueline Martin that I read a while back. The illustrations are beautiful woodcuts by Mary Azarian. You would probably like it.


wow ! spectacular margie
I feel the science side of you is coming out in these photos

I wanted to do a dyeing get together soon
are you in?

Wendy Rau

These photos are just simply stunning. You are so very talented. Thank you for sharing them.


Hooray for your new macro lens! Your photos are amazing!

NW Nature Nut

Wonderful, we don't get a lot of snow here so it is especially pretty to see. The macro lens is awesome!


Oh my gosh! I have never seen macros of real snowflakes before! They are so beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.


Amazing images. I love them all but I'm seeing a brilliant screen saver in picture three, of course that would mean replacing my current "leaf in the snow" Margie screen saver. Maybe new image for the new year.
Santa was very, very good to you - he really does know who's naughty and who's nice :)


lens + Margie's eye= stunning


thank you so much for capturing the magic of snow & snowflakes for the ones of us who hardly ever get to have snow. It couldn't be more beautiful, with the help of your eyes & your new lens. xoxo


real live snowflakes!


wow, snowflakes really do look like snowflakes!


capture the magic you did : )

Jill Wignall

They are all so beautiful. It does feel like the year has started on a good note.


As always, stunning photos that inspire my day.

Katherine Quinn

oh wow these are amazing!!! so pretty and delicate they almost look surreal.


so amazing...reminds me of Snowflake Bentley! Imagine the photos you will take with your new camera...it would have been heaven to him.....


Your blog is just lovely. We don't get snow in Brisbane, so it's utterly ethereal to see these pics.



seriously delicate and beautiful.

Gunnel Svensson

Wow, these are great! My fave is the first photo. Macrolens are so cool !



woolf (aka nadine)

my word! i love your macro!


great photos! my kids and i LOVED them! God does AMAZING things with his handiwork! and you captured it on film! : )smiles!!!!!


So soft. So beautiful!

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