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January 06, 2011


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I rarely comment, been following you for a little while now... but these brought it out of me. Absolutely breathtaking! Don't you put down that macro anytime soon, I am thoroughly enjoying your images :)

kasia | szkieuka

wonderful photos! I love lichens - they seem to be so humble compared to huge trees, but there is so much variety in them.


How stunning! So delicate and strange. Thank you for these wonderful shots.


Margie, these are SO beautiful. The last one took my breath away.


I stumbled across your blog and subscribed. Really enjoying your posts. I used to include a lot more nature photography into my blogging but I moved to Detroit this summer and it's been harder to incorporate. Maybe a macro lens would help. These are beautiful.


"abstract art" designs that have captured...love them Margie...


Margie...all these photos are an inspiration...I wish I had more time to draw...and paint because these are an exhibition in themselves.
You have an amazing eye and a fabulous lens!
Have a great Friday!




Thank you for the very lovely lichen shots. I like the way that sounds -- lovely lichen. Oh, and please thank the person, I believe it was your husband, who gave you the macro lens.

Andrea in Argentina

Some of these look like so many tiny eyes!


oh my. you've captured some beautiful lichen. it looks like a moonscape or an underwater scene. i love that you spy such tiny details in your woods and share them with us.

Carol Dee



amazing photos you are taking with your new lens

sarah hemm

Gorgeous photos, and love the poem.

ellen kelley

Echos of your beautiful crocheting..so lovely.

The Muse of The Day

wouldn't be great to crochet like nature does?

Lovely World

Having lived near woodlands all my life, these little "landscapes" seems so familiar. With every post you make, I can see you developing more skill with this lens. Just beautiful. In some ways they make me think of sea coral. Happy weekend.


These photos remind me of coral! So beautiful.

Geninne D. Zlatkis

Blessed macro in your hands! These are astonishing.

Fabienne Jach

Wow! I just got a new camera and can't wait to take more macro shots. I love these! Lichen is so fascinating and really beautiful.


what a wonderful gift (lens/lichen)


Incredible! You have a talented eye, too!

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