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January 07, 2011


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Betty Scandretti

That crocheted stone is just the coolest thing ever.


The tank looks fantastic!!
How about Fish and chips as names? we have one goldfish and his name is plain Fish, although sometimes we call him Mr.E. As in Mystery. We don't know whether he's a male or female, so he's a mystery!


fish and chips. haha. my childhood goldfish were named burt and ernie. no original ideas here!


I love it, everything about it is perfect. I think by the last photo they are smiling.


You're the best, Margie ! What a lovely change of scenery and an enchanting way for them to start the year ! What did they tell you ? And what about the kitties ? :)
(Hard to find a name, I'll tell you if I find something ...)


Those designs would make gorgeous wallpaper for people too. Lucky koi. I love the stones in the tank too.


you are the most amazing fish hostess ... these area such beautiful decals :)
mmm names ... let me see ... Moi & Toi (either pronounced in English -rhyhming with koi- or in French) I know it's silly. Nevermind. xoxo


*lol* Fish and chips! Love that! I named my two parrots Sissi and Franzl after the famous Austrian Emperor couple.
Hm, maybe go with something Japanese?


I had fish and named them Harold and Maude, after my favourite movie.

But my fish didn't live in such swanky digs. Lovely decals, Margie!

Margaret Oomen

i like all the suggestions so far and when i pondered the idea of a japanese name ( reflecting their ancestry) I came up with YUU and WAKU which when you put them together means temptation in japanese.


Koi must be fickle,indeed, to not be happy with that stone but I can see why they were holding out for the decals.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Beautiful scenery. I was going to say Harold and Maude too. I typically name my goldfish Moby but I once had a Siamese Betta named Javier that would jump up out of the water and take food from my fingers. He was the hit of the office.

Ruth Hower

How about Winken and Blinken! This reminds me of a little neighbor boy naming his turtles "Puppy Chow" and "Burger King"! Seriously, what a daily treat! You are such an inspiration - and your fishies know it! Thanks for my morning fix, Margie!! ♥♥♥♥♥


all those names sound cute...but I dont think they are koi...they are goldfish...Koi have little whiskers tht come down by their mouth(one on each side)...unless they have them and I cant see in the pic...lol but they are cute and will get bigger... have fun tank looks great!

Carol Dee

What lovely digs your fish live in! Our koi spend the summer in the small garden pond and winter in a heated stock tank. ( well just warm enough that it will not freeze.) Stuck for any name ideas. Ask a 2 year old! Our Grandson named his goldfish "Shark" and the bettta "Boogers"!!!


What a lovely idea! We recently got an aquarium for our children but I am horrified at how tacky most aquarium decor is. The fish are beautiful...why can't their habitat be pretty, too?! I LOVE this idea and I look forward to using it!

Jean Betts

--they don't look like koi, no whiskers. How about hai (yes) and nai (a negative form,no )--the "i" is pronounced as the long i. be careful what you place in the water as it could introduce chemicals harmful to the fish.


Am I only the one without a crocheted stone? When are you planning a shop update?
Anyway.....When I saw the fish (when I see anything in couples ) I thought of my favourite childhood cartoon Bolek and Lolek from Poland!
But if you want Chinese names then Van Gulik's hero Judge Dee and Chiao Tai his assistant!
Ariadne from Greece!

Margaret Oomen

The decals are on the outside of the tank not on the inside
These fish were sold as koi but I guess they are just fancy goldfish

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Lovely World

I was excited to read through the comments to see the name ideas. Fish and Chips is funny, but I can't stop thinking about the delicious aroma of a nice hot, crispy plate of these, and it somehow makes me anxious for the goldfish. Harold and Maude - I love that movie too. I don't know enough Japanese to make a suggestion in that regard - but perhaps you could look into some nice names of Japanese poets or artist to adopt.

Emily Flippin Maruna

we have a fish that looks like this one and my 4 year old named it Succotash. We also have a black one names Beans and a gold one named Mermaid.


Gorgeous tank. Its lovely. I like the stone and the decals. The fish are actually Shubunkins, not koi. Don't know if you cared or not. Just I'm big factual freak like that who worked in petstores for way too long in my life. lol. They are gorgeous. :)




Lovely! What a great idea. :)


you are so very creative. i don't think i would have thought of decorating a fish tank. but it looks so fantastic! lucky fish. :)


We had two goldfish that seemed to be cleaning the
bottom all the time. . . so we named them Hoover and

Your tank is lovely and I enjoy your Blog.


Love the name suggestions Moi and Toi and Wabi and Sabi. And I love the decal additions. But couldn't they have a little live plant inside the tank, too?


Looks like my fish, Ella Fish Gerald has been reincarnated. They're lovely! Just found your blog, I'll be back, it's lush :o)


Those are not koi, they are commons or comets. Either way, they are very pretty, and that decoration is gorgeous! :)


As above they are two comets/commons and that tank is way to small for them, they need at least 40 gallons each and a filter that does 10x filtration for that tank.

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