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January 13, 2011


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Sorry I can't help with the identification but I do love the colour of those berries. Such a true purple.


The berries are Callicarpa Bodinieri, in denmark they're called glass berries. They're poisonous!
I'm not sure about the bird, since you probably have some different species than we do.

Liz Noonan

I think that little guy might be a chickadee, they do look very plump! I can't place the berry - I would need to see more of the body of the plant it is on. Beautiful pictures!
And Cambridge is only about 4 miles from me!


Lovely photos - as always.
I´ve written about your blog (and a giveaway) on my blog http://pupaart.blogspot.com/
I hope it is OK for you. :)
Have a great day.


amazing berries indeed & an adorable fluffy bird too. Sorry I can't help with both identification :( xoxo


Your little plumpy bird just might be a flycatcher of some variety - hard to tell what if any markings are on the back or wings. Great photos!


The berries appear to be American beautyberry (http://www.nps.gov/plants/pubs/chesapeake/plant/371.htm) and the bird looks like a mockingbird!

Geninne D. Zlatkis

According to my trusty Audubon Birds App it's a cute male blue-gray gnatcatcher :)


Saludos desde Madrid... me encanta tus fotografías y todo lo que haces... gracias por compartir tanta belleza... un abrazo.


Love the shots you are getting with the macro lens!


Northern Mockingbird (Mimus polyglottos)- Too bad it's not April, you'd love their song.


Beautiful pics. My mom calls hers beautyberries too.

Camila F.

Oh, I'm in love with this pics! Gorgeous!


well i'm glad others have chimed in with ideas, because i can't help with the identification of either! very nice shots though.

Deborah Dewbury-Langley

This link is not related to this post but I thought you might be interested in it. I believe they are still looking for women to contribute crochet creations to the piece.


What an amazing colour those berries are. Not sure about berries or bird, glad others do. Hope you had a wonderful time in Cambridge; maybe you had a chance to visit some wonderful museums again?


I'm absolutely loving the tiny bits of color you're finding in all this snow. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Hello Margaret, you and your new lense do a great job together!
These lavender berries we call "Liebesperlenstrauch"... bush of love beads... in my childhood there have been sweet coloured sugar beads called like that... it is a callicarpa bush I think.
With the bird I can't help, sorry.
The flower vessel with the red berries could be a withered "Pfaffenhütchen"... cap of the priest... some sort of Euonymus bush... but I am not sure... have a look here http://www.fotolog.com/birgit/55066760
or a few weeks later here
The long red berries could be Berberis vulgaris but there seem to be no prickles on the one in your photo so I am not sure...
I also wanted to tell you that I really found the magazin "KidsLife" at the station magazin shop in town at last and I have been and still am happy about it! :)))
Love, Birgit


what beautiful photos- those berries are such a gorgeous purple!


Lovely photos--your close-up view of nature shows things I've never seen before in mosses, snails, and so on. The bird is a Northern Mockingbird--here is the info on it from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Northern_Mockingbird/id


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