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January 27, 2011


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very beautiful! even the lichen looks cold.

Krista H

WOW! This is an amazing collection.. every single one so inspiring!! The colors, textures, circles and bumps. My eyes are so happy! Thanks for sharing :)

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

They're gorgeous. And funny, I was out in the snow snapping pics of lichens today too.

ellen kelley

Such beautiful images, so rich with winter color, so rich with texture..and we usually think of winter in our hearts as lacking both color and texture.
I love the bare trees this time of year. I do love them in all seasons, but winter in her glory gives us the beauty of their bone structure and their character.
Thank you.


STUNNING...like I said before...you have an exhibition here waiting to be exhibited!
I love visiting your World.
Thank you for sharing!


they form such amazing structures, and in such wonderful colours. thanks for sharing.


Perfect quotation ! What an extraordinary show of colors the forest always offers you !
Pink hugs to you, Margie :)


I agree with Thoreau too! These images are so stunning. You have the most amazing colours in your woods. I haven't seen pinks here yet, but I keep searching.
Happy Friday to yo,


Great quote!- I wonder if the tiny pink lichens are some sort of parasite on the grey lichen ...?


loving this quote as well, what a true one ! Thanks for sharing.
thank you too for feeding my soul of beautiful lichen macros, while I miss going in nature these weeks. xoxo


So beautiful!


I had to laugh. Your lichens echo my knitting basket. Lots of soft grey with a splash of vibrant yellow. So beautiful together. I can't get over all those little oval "cups".

aupres de  mon arbre

It makes me really want to draw these lichenscapes, wonderful !


These are awesome. i love the little splashes and pops of pink.

Alicia Armstrong

Beautiful! The marine invertebrate biologist in me can't help but notice the similarities to the communities of sponges and tunicates and algae etc that grow on any hard surface submerged in seawater. I wonder at their beauty but everyone else calls them "fouling organisms".

Melissa  8*)

I'm thinking that you should title that last shot "Winter's Heart" and sell it in your Etsy shop!!!

I'm in line already!! 8*)


Truly beautiful! Love the bits of colors amongst the grey, the pink ones are especially surprising. I can't get over the peach and orange. Thank you!


I just love the little bits of hot pink.


wow, margie- these are breathtaking. i'm starting to see the connections between lichen and sea-life such as coral.

Janee Lookerse

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! They are so fun and beautiful! I was just struck with an absolutely wonderful idea based on one of these.... I'll get back to you as soon as I have time to create it!


Janee Lookerse

Hi Margaret! I had time this weekend to make that piece I was talking about in my last comment to you :) Here is the link:


I hope you enjoy it!


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