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January 04, 2011


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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

They're just amazing. So beautiful. I can't wait to see them in the quiver. (did I ever mention I'm an archer?) I feel really drawn towards native american imagery too. I kept lingering over the necklaces and beads at the local antique store and wondering how I could work them into a piece. With our proximity to the Ojibwe nation I'd like to take advantage of the classes they offer from time to time. (mitten making is coming up)

I'm excited about starting more of my wool mushroom pieces. I'm challenging myself by working them into more difficult containers. Wish me luck.

Nahuatl Vargas

Love the beautiful colors on your arrows.


these are so cool! really interested to see the quiver you have made for them as well.

i have a lot of ideas buzzing around in my head for the new year, but i am trying to be better at focusing on one or two at a time, while working toward a larger idea as a whole.


These are wonderful : )


Beautiful arrows. There is so much goodness on your blog these days, and hooray for that new lens! My first project of 2011 is building a big wooden fire engine for Ruben's 4th birthday.


I love how you continue to find new areas of inspiration to draw from for your art. One of the reasons I home school my children is because I want them to be life-long learners, and I am trying to model that for them. I want them to be passionate about going in new directions, even as they get older. Thank you for being a model of that for me, too.

This year I want to learn how to sew and quilt better. I can sew a few things, but my skills are pretty rudimentary. I want to take my knitting skills farther, too, and practice drawing.


Oh I love so all natural materials! And primitive stuff. I'm planning to learn more about dyeing, plant dyes would be really intresting.


These are just lovely, Margie. Fascinating.
I'll have to show this to the boys, even if they're moving on from pretend bow & arrow play to the real thing (both the boys and papa got recurve bows for christmas).
Tonight, I darned a pair of socks for a friend but I'm also knitting a pair for another friend, starting a quilt, and last night started spinning some wool on the drop spindle last in preparation for spinning on a wheel again. How's that for scattered? How about let's call it "diverse" rather?

The real excitement is that the quilter whose work I admire to the extent that each and every one of her quilts make my heart skip a beat, just mentioned to me earlier this evening that she does do trades. I think I'd have to knit her a dozen pair to merit a quilt in exchange, but it would be well worth it!

Emily Z.

These are just Beautiful. I can't wait to see them in their quiver.


They're so delicate and beautiful. I will love seeing the pouch too. Do you have plans for a bow?
I have been finishing some items left in my pile of WIPs, a brooch for a friend and some wrist warmers from old bedsocks. Also trying to fit in some organizing and putting away of things :)


I think the beaver sticks alone are cool but you made them into something so beautiful. I also can't wait to see the quiver. This year, I want to draw a little bit each day.





Jill Wignall

The mystery is solved! They look beautiful. the colours are lovely. One of my favourite objects in my home is a hand made arrow my brother got on a visit to America. Margie, I am interested to know why they are called beaver sticks?

I've been planning a sewn pinecone couch and I've been painting elvis and the mamas and the papas (more about that soon). This time of year is full of energy and possibilities, don't you think. Thanks for the inspiration. x

Jill Wignall

oh, ps. please take a look at who yesterdays Today I Saw is for...:)


these are really beautiful, margie. stylish and interesting at the same time!

Geninne D. Zlatkis

I'm in love with these arrows!!! So wonderful. And the photos are exquisite.


I've been reading your blog for over a year now - love the things you make! I'm a fellow Ontarian who leaves a bit east of you I think.
These arrows brought back fond memories of things we used to make as children from items found outside. Thanks for the memories!


They're fantastic, Margie !!! Love so much your choice of colors ! What a wonderful tribute, once again, to the native american art !

In 2011, I'll continue to rescue and dress with my crochet lonely fallen branches. I'll probably go on with my first steps in embroidery, for fun ! I'ld like to use more time for reading (tales, children books, craft books, magazines ...). So at first, I'm finishing organizing my studio. I wisely decided to give up many WIPs waiting for years, as some antlers. I'm trying to simplify things to free myself and have more time. A sweet dream for 2011 !

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