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February 11, 2011


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hope your finger gets better soon...
Our cat is frequently in the dog house...I feel like she is my 3rd baby who I am constantly cleaning up after!
LOVE your pictures.
Snowy COLD Days here too...

Sonia / Cozy Memories

omg no, I'm so sorry, my friend. Arwen !!!! I'm so crossed !
I hope the oral antibiotic will help not getting anything worse. I hope you manage to keep it painless as much as possible.
I keep you in my thoughts & hope it'll heal ASAP.
xoxoxo take care of you


My cat has taken to sleeping on the foot rest I use at night when lounging on the sofa. This involves various amounts of biting and digging into my feet and ankles with her claws if I move. Very disconcerting. I can totally appreciate the cat is in the dog house sentiment.


eep, hope your finger is healed soon. i once got some deep cat scratches on my leg from a similar incident. wishing you a restful (but maybe a little crafty?) weekend!


i've had my fair share of cats and loved them all. my last, Curtis, used to sleep on my hair: no biting.
now i have dogs: no biting, only the odd kiss; sweet
have a "painless" weekend


Oh dear, so sorry to hear of your injury. I have a kitty who startles easily and when that happens usually my lap is the jumping off pad ~ ouch. Be gentle on your kitty, though, they are just using what they've been given to get by in life. In this case, (unfortunately) canines.
In combo with soft human tissue, sometimes a painful mix.
Speedy recovery!


Poor finger! It's amazing that it swelled so much. At least you're able to self medicate for a speedy recovery. "A" can share the dog house that Pippi is in for chewing up my sunglasses. I hope the antibiotics have you tapping away again soon.


Claire Smith

Beautiful photos, rather be slimed by a snail than bitten by a cat........

Do hope your finger heals quickly, sounds painful and restricting.

Hope you enjoy the weekend anyway,

Claire :}


oh no that's awful
I was bitten once by a cat and it was so bad and luckily it didn't last too long - I hope it gets better before your trip.
enjoy your weekend xxa


Ouch!I hope you get healed soon!AriadnefromGreece!


Ouch. Hope your finger gets better soon. My mom would tell me to soak it in hot salt water.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Hmm...she's apparently never heard the whole "don't bite the hand that feeds" thing eh? Yeouch. Hope your finger is back to normal size soon.

My chickens bit me today too but...no teeth.


Ouch sorry to hear about your finger. Hope it heals soon.


Thank you for the lovely pictures! I hope your finger heals soon.


Oh, cat bites are nasty. Several years ago, I worked in an animal hospital and was bitten on the hand by a cat aptly named Tequilla. The vet instantly started me on antibiotics. Hmm, I just realized that that sounds like I was the vet's patient. I wasn't but then again she did give me antibiotics. Anyways, your finger sounds very painful. Here's hoping those antibiotics kicked in quickly.

Lovely World

Kitty! No biting! Fast healing to you. Always a lesson to remember what an amazing thing our bodies are when something isn't working so well.


Oh poor Margie, I'm so sorry for your finger ! Did Arwen apologize ?

Jane in Ottawa

I'm currently on day 8 of my 10 day course of antibotics so, I know just how your finger feels! Being a vet tech assistant has it's drawbacks; being the one holding the cat quite often means you are the first one to be bitten. Puncture wounds are hard to heal! Mine is still swollen. Hope your's heals faster than mine.

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