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February 14, 2011


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oh these fabrics are delicious. would look luscious incorporated in my slow cloth quilts.


i love these natural dyed fabrics. I wish I could have the knowledge to do this on my own, but I wouldn't even know where to begin... With these fabrics I would love to make patchwork baby bibs. I have some cousins and friends having babies soon and I would love to spread these beautiful fabrics around.


I want to start using natural dyes this year. But until I get started, I'd love a chance to win your beautiful fabrics. I think I'd try making a patchwork skirt.


the stack of fabrics is just yummy to look at! i might make a set of patchwork cushions (logcabin?)... pouches are always useful and might as well be beautiful... oh, and pinchusions; small domes from those dyed pieces would be so pretty... or tea cozies w/coasters... you've inspired so many ideas with the photos alone! thank you.


Oh my...these are absolutely beautiful.
Ok...so I have been thinking hard about how I would use them...I think...as I am an artist too,I would LOVE to stretch them into canvases, and use the colour as backdrops for a series of landscape paintings...using each colour as the sky of the painting.
I'm excited!
Thanks got this fabulous Giveaway!
Happy *HEART* Day,


Would love to win these! I'd cut them into strips and weave them with handspun/handdyed fiber!



I am so inspired by you! I am extremely blessed in that I get to walk in woods every morning which helps me immensely in beginning my day peacefully. I see many small treasures that remind me of your photos, but your macro work reminds me there is much I cannot see. I've loved lichens forever but never thought of dyeing with them! I believe I'd like to make two things: one, a small quilt with your lovely fabric plus some natural linen, not sure what shapes, but conjuring vistas of eggplant/marigolds or crocus/daffodils or goldenrod/asters. And I'd also like to try another one, applique, attempting to capture that close-up world of your lichens. It would be hard to go wrong with colors this soothing!


Beautiful! I would make a dress for my daughter.


These fabric are luscious! Just yesterday an acquaintance gave me a pile of old quilts - all of them are in pretty poor states of repair (holes, seams coming apart, etc) - and one of them is a really nice pattern that I truly like (and have not seen before). I"d LOVE to make a copy of that wonderful design with this kind of fabric ... it would be truly beautiful.
:) Linda

Emily Z.

Such gorgeous colors... If I were to win, I would use the fabric in a hexagon guilt. I've made simple, square quilts before, but have been wanting to try something more interesting. My father keeps beehives, so the hexagon's honeycomb pattern appeals to me both aesthetically and for personal reasons. I have to move soon, and it's hard to pay with a Buffalo February for a North Eastern Spring I can't stay to watch: it would be nice to take those daffodil and crocus colors to the South West with me. It's a 42 hour train ride, so a sewing project is in order regardless.
Thanks as always for sharing the pictures, and especially for a chance in the giveaway :)


I've read a little about using natural dyes but haven't tried it as yet. Seeing all those fabrics glowing with earthy colours has given me a prod to organise a session with dye-pots with my local community. I think I'd like to make flags and bunting for our community centre for market days.
Thank you for the inspiration!


These are just beautiful! I would love to include the colors in patchwork skirts/dresses for my girls' birthday that are coming up!


as I scrolled down
my heart fluttered
I hope your day was filled with lots of love

what I would make would be a patchwork pillow
I might also print on some of the lighter coloured pieces.

fingers crossed
big hugs

Kit Lang

I've been coming up with an art quilt in my head recently called "transformation" (a sort of phoenix rising kind of thing); the background beautiful luscious hand painted I thought (but hand dyed fabric would be even more beautiful) fabrics put and overlaid on it a little girl breaking free of the assumptions coded into/laid upon her.

Or someting like. :)

Kristy M

Goodness me, those are lovely all together like that. I experimented a few weeks ago dying some natural canvas with the water my dry black beans had been cooking in. The result was a gorgeous dark plum-y violet.
If I were to receive these fabrics, I would love to do a patchwork handbag or something of that nature. Maybe a cat kerchief.. ;) Though I'm fairly certain that upon seeing them my mind would race with the ideas.


So beautiful! I would love to win, and I confess that I have so many ideas of what to do that I can't possibly narrow it down right now!


I envision an absolutely exquisite bed quilt, made with these fabulous colors, mixed in with natural linen. Thanks for your generosity of spirit with this giveaway!


Wow, those are gorgeous. I remember when I was at a scout camp in Sweden, age 12, and we dyed with birch leaves and aspen, I think. The aspen turned all the cloth bright yellow (I think), and the birch leaves made a color more looking like someone had peed on the white fabric... what a disappointment (and the leader knew, he forced us to pick the birch so it would be 50-50 in the group). Oh well - these dyes and fabrics you have are so real and nicer and wonderful. I teach ethnobotany and I would use these both in teaching to show students what a variety of chemistry and color nature has, and also to incorporate in some of my own artwork making landscapes with subtle yarn colors, to reflect large things in the small. Thanks for sharing, and your blog is wonderful


such lovely, real colors. i have to say that i am drawn to neutrals mostly, both in fashion and decor. but i do love to have bits of color here and there. a pretty scarf. an unexpected cushion cover. i have been staying away from stores for a while, supporting craftspeople and trying to create things myself instead. i would use these beautiful fabrics in as many ways as possible, to bring colorful, handmade love to my home and to my family. thank you!


I've tried to do natural dying on yarn but never on fabric ... think I just found a summer project! I'd use the fabric to do applique, sticking to nature themes inspired by the color, little birds, butterflies, trees, etc. (Thankfully I noticed my typo before I published this comment ... I'll applique NATURE themes, not MATURE themes. What a difference one letter makes.)


oh goodness, they're gorgeous.

i think i would make a striped gradation scarf :-)


This is so pretty! I really hope I win.


I have only used natural dye a few times (a few times in dyeing eggs, and once on fabric when I gave a speech about it). I still have a lot more to learn about it, though. Depending on the size of the fabric, I would make something like a scarf, a little pouch, or a cushion cover.. A shirt might be cute, too.


Perfect Solar Plexus through Crown Chakra shading, I think I'd make a very simple hanging that would allow your beautifully dyed shadings to sing.


these are beautiful. the colors are true - they feel more primal, more "human"... more beautiful than synthetic ones.

as i sit here, my little boy kicks in my tummy, waiting to be born. i would use these fabrics to help teach him about color, and would use them to make a rainbow playmat for him to use in telling stories, touching pieces from nature, and building love for the natural, imaginative and vibrant world. i would arrange them in a spectrum, and include tactile elements - some embroidery, some raw silk cocoons securely sewn in, some yarn woven in, some beads, some lace...

Oh my, what wonderful things your giveaway has inspired in me. Thank you.


These are divine! I would love to use them on a project I'm itching to start - a canvas featuring a piece of mirror, and the quote "Look to the beaty within"

Thanks for the chance!


Those are soooo beautiful. And I'm not sure I would do make anything with them. I might just periodically love on them like I do my yarn and my kitty cat. (It's okay - my kitty isn't jealous - she likes to love on the yarn, too. :)

And thank you for being so kind as to share your beautiful, positive perspective on life and nature. I have my browser set up so that your blog opens up every time I go online because I don't want to miss any adventures that Fern and the kitties might be having.

Take care.


Wow.. sounds wonderful! i've being following your experiments with natural dying and that inspired me to try with our berries and flowers too. Some i've already tried with paper, years ago and now i want to try with fabrics :) I'd love to use those fabrics to make a rainbow cloth doll.. they are so special! Thanks for this amazing giveaway :)

Nahuatl Vargas

All those fabrics look so pretty.
I have not yet make natural dyeing, but L love to see the results in other's people photos.
May I recommend a book to you?
It's in Spanish, but maybe you can figure it out, it's about prehispanic natural dyeing methods and it shows you how it will come in different things, such as cotton, wool and others. It's really pretty.


I love your work.
I'd make a bag so I could carry the beauty everywhere with me. If there's any left over, I'd make a table runner so I can see it everyday. <3


First of all, I love Osho, especially his book on creativity. Inspiring.

Second of all, I love natural dyes, but never could find alum powder, need to order some online. Do you use alum in dying? something else?

And, third of all, I am moving next month into my first real home,( I live in a trailer now) with my husband, and son, Solomon (9-months old). I was thinking about curtains and want to find some fabric to make some. these would be perfect and the sun will shine through in the daytime and at night it will keep the home, homey.
Thanks for your inspiration.

It might look like this: http://pinterest.com/pin/2037623/
but with color.


These are just beautiful! I'm sure i could think of many ways of using them. Right now I see a beautiful summer time bunting blowing in the wind.


those are beautiful. i would make either headbands or little pouches for my friends spread across the world.


They're wonderful. I love reading about all fantastic ways people might use them. I think I would use them in small stitching projects pieced together and combined with some of my favourite scraps. If they were bigger, a stitched cushion cover to show off their natural beauty.
That "sea of silks" image is divine.

Kathy M.

Your fabrics are lovely, and so is your blog. It's one of my favs. Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

Kathy M.

I would love to make something for my soon-to-be-born nephew. Probably a little quilt. It'd be my first time quilting, too. Thanks again! :)


When my third child arrived in our lives 2 years ago more than 10 years after my second child I felt so incredibly lucky to be a mother for the third time. She is very much like me that faery child... she like wild places, is a bit shy and has a special connection with animals. And she is also, already!, very crafty. If I was lucky enough to win I'd make a hanging tableau. There would be geese flying in a blue/purple sky, trees with fruits to pick and bushes with berries, and a squirrel and a deer by a river. There would be flowers and butterflies and clouds. And maybe even a turkey...or a rabbit. All the things she loves :)


Goodness, Margie, you are so generous with your spirit. I am a beginning sewer (sewist?) and I don't really know what I would make with these fabrics. This year I set a goal that I want to learn how to quilt (I think it would help me learn the basics of sewing better). But thank you for the thought-provoking quotes at the beginning of your post, and for the eye candy!


Wow! GORGEOUS fabrics! It's so cool what you do with natural materials - I love it!

Hmm...this lovely fabric has many possibilities. I'd love to make some comfy throw pillows for my room....or use them as table runners for my wedding in October. I also think they'd make really pretty pennants for a banner to hang at the reception!

Thanks for the giveaway!


All these great suggestions! Would love to be considered too - first thing to mind is a patchwork cushion project I have in a japanese book - have been looking at that image for a year or so now.. its small diamonds making up a star pattern... it needs to be done slowly with tender care, and I recently got back my grandmas hand-turn Singer sewing machine - so that would be an inspiring project I think x


Thanks so much for this wonderful post, Margie ! For many reasons ...
For the cheerful rainbow of colours that will brighten up our week !
For the gorgeous give-away you're offering and that will make dream all your creative fans ! These fabrics carefully dyed by you are totally unique, the shades and "patterns" vivid and fabulous, the yellow palette so sunny !
For your quotes from Osho and Thoreau, beautiful and so true. I'll read and read them again ...
For your positive mind and generous heart everyday.
I'm not taking part in the prize as I'm an ex lucky winner, but I'm sure these dyed wonders could be used for lovely nature inspired embroideries on hanging decorations or for pretty brooches ... And precious small scraps would make the smartest and very fashion clothes for a forest friend ! Aren't Fern and Junior dreaming of a marvellous springly dress for their garden coming back ? :D


Three years ago I hated all colours. I was dark, angree and depressed girl. And then I met my love of my life. From that day my life is full of flowers, light and colours. Now I see beauty every where and I love Yours way to see the world.
It's stupid, but then I read your blog, I have feeling, that You are living in Lithuania, and one day I'll meet You in the park or old town of Kaunas.:)
I love your blog very much. And I love Your cat too. And I love these natural dyed fabrics.:D If I win, I'll make a dress or a cozy scarf from these fabrics.


P.S. Sorry for my English. ;)


wow, those fabrics are so beautiful. not sure what i'd do... but something to keep the edges raw.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

now that's one of a kind giveaway, and extremely generous at that ! You are simply awesome.
If I had the gut to cut into these precious materials, I think I would make wearable art. Something to wear close to my skin (like a wrist cuff, or a necklace, or a brooch). I'd be inspired to make a special pouch for holding treasures from friends too. (letters, cards, notes) Or to make a special wall art ... it could be an endless source of inspiration. If I had the gut to into them, that is. LOL


I haven't used any natural dyed fabrics before. My fabric collection tends to be a bit higgledy piggledy, filled with a random assortment of old clothes, snippets of japanese fabrics and simple bold patterns. Mostly I make small monster dolls with my fabrics using vintage doilies and lace and I grunge them with a mixture of coffee, tea, vanilla and cinnamon so the look aged and smell devine. I am not a fabric obsessive but I do like the colour and feel of fabrics and they have to be just right. I think with the colour of the natural dyed cloth I would make a little doll with a spring theme because that's what the colours remind me of the most, early mornings with pale delicate spring flowers covered in crystal dew drops and the delicate lace of spider webs. :o)

Jill Wignall

Margie, I think you are so right, it may well be a starvation of nature that plays it's part in people's negativity. When I am surrounding by nature I find it very hard to feel nagative. Usually, nature helps me to feel grounded.
I would use these beautiful fabrics to make you a tshirt of the rocks card that you made for your family. x


I'm not sure what I would make but those fabrics are beautiful colours and I would love to have the opportunity to create with them.


There are some really great ideas here. I've been thinking about what I would make and I would make a table runner for our coffee table. I keep my stone collection displayed here. Thanks, Margie.

badger brook farm

lovely, sunsets, wild berries....walks in the woods. i would create birds and fabric collages for the wonderful women who grace my life. thank you for sharing your beautiful work. patti


These fabrics are just gorgeous, please enter me in your giveaway. As for what I would make with them? I would like to make a beautiful, sculptured and layered wall hanging with a feather theme for an exhibition I have coming up in May.

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