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February 21, 2011


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lovely. i've been admiring elsita's tiny books for a while now- she is clever!


p.s. i love your button book- such a sweet idea!


Wow, they both look fantastic! Very neat.


there is something magical about tiny books...my youngest when he saw your cat with the book was convinced the kitty had made ...it.is.as always inspiring...thanx Margie


Ooooh Margie, how cute your tiny book is ! I melt too. Totally. And my woody little friends here as well !!! Did Fern help you ? You're gifted in all you undertake, Margie, and always add your personal touch. This new Paper category is so exciting and promising !!!


What a cute and beautiful tiny book. Your kitties are so pretty.

Poorvi Das

Wow! Thank you for sharing such a brilliant artist. I love how you dabble in anything that interests you. The new excites me too.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

oh my what a gorgeous tiny book Elsita sent you !!! And red (I'm falling from my own chair !) And what a gorgeous tiny book you've made for your friend too :) Very lucky girls all around ! oxoxo

Jill Wignall

Your button book is so adorable. i love it and your tiny paintings. Thanks for introducing me to Elsita's work.


You and your work never stop amazing me. The button book is just sweet. I hope you are going to share the other two books once they have been received. Elsita's book is simply beautiful.


I was also just reminded of making books as a child and of how my two boys like to make their own books. Now I'm thinking of the link between the art we do as children and the art we do as adults. Hmm.


red is best! i agree. at first glance i thought your book covers were the ends of spools, but then i read your cute as a button text. brilliant! tiny treasures.


Little is lovely.


loving it!


Margie...safe trip and have fun with G!
(we know you'll be loving the Sun...this Ontario FREEZER weather today just ain't fun!)


I've always loved tiny things, since I was a little girl. These tiny books are so charming.


I see on Geninne's blog that you are headed her way tomorrow. I hope you have a lovely trip. I cannot wait to see all the incredibly creative things you two come up with.

Jason R

Categories versus Tags: http://lorelle.wordpress.com/2005/09/09/categories-versus-tags-whats-the-difference-and-which-one/

That's Wordpress specific. Not sure if it's the same for Typepad.

Basically, categories are like a table of contents and tags are like an index. It helped clarify the concept for me.

This craft would be fun to do with matching bivalve sea shells.


That's beautiful, both your friend's and your's.. I was looking at the paper cutting work of Rob Ryan the other day, and somehow found her blog too; it felt a bit like dipping into proper magic..


elsita is so clever with her papercutting, brings to mind a lot of the hanging paper pieces i've seen in denmark. however, you are pretty clever too! i just can't imagine something you wouldn't be good at, and your little button books are exactly that, cute as a button.


Such fun and wonderful tiny books. It's a blast trying new things. I've just signed up for my first crochet class.

Emily Z.

Looks like a cat that knows a good thing when she sees it! Curling up with a good book, to-scale :)


Fun! It's so good to have friends, no matter where they live.

Lovely World

I browsed through Elsita's small books the other day. They were so beautiful and well made. I love your button book. What is it about shrinking the world into these manageable little bits that is so attractive?


Thank you for Elsita's link, her paintings are beautiful, a lot of fine details on the faces of the girls, their hair looked so real. I love the concept of the button book, how something so tiny and simple is so precious.

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This is such a nice art and creativity.you share such a innovative creation with us.It is great to see this.I love this types of crafting.

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What a wonderful liliputian world you have created. It's so nice in this world of big gestures to see the power of a small act of goodness!


The little book is a great idea and also the buttons. Nice photo of the cat. lol

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