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February 20, 2011


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gorgeous, margie! now i know about graupel too- thank you. :)


graupel, maybe it's what the imps & elves use for snowballs. great! what a sweet song.


Your new snow word is so much more poetic than the new snow word I learned this week -- snirt, snow covered in dirt. Fortunately, that snow is now being covered up by a beautiful new layer of snow. Happy Family Day, Margie.


Thanks! We've always called it "those little styrofoam balls"! What fun to know they are really graupel :)


we just got that kind of snow this week, and i knew there had to be a name for it. i'm sure there's an inupiaq word for it, too.

Kit Lang

what a neat word - feels lovely on the tongue!


We call them 'hyoman' here, but graupel sounds good too :)


Oh that's a great word. I learnt a new one a while back: a skein of geese.. (geese flying in a v-shape). (I was talking about it with my husband listening to geese flying overhead late last night..)

Jill Wignall

Margie, I'm in love with that song and video. How did you find it? It filled me with so much joy and brought a little tear to my eye. thank you for sharing.


I tried to look graupel up in the dictionary. It seems there's no word for it in danish. But I'll keep searching! (If there aren't any I'll just adopt the english word, that'll work fine with those consonants)


I had learned it spelled as gropple, it's one of our family's new fun words. But grauple makes more sense--and looks more attractive 8-)

Carol Dee

A snow word I actually knew! The video is so SWEET. They are very talented. Heart tugging. Hugs...

Sonia / Cozy Memories

omg what a wonderful song & singers !!! I just love when she yawns at the end LOL xoxo


Happy family day Margie. I hope that you enjoy it with your sweet brood.

No graupel here, just tons of glorious sunshine. Sadly, it's not a day off for me, but I will get away for a quick lunchtime snowshoe.

Richard  Shilling

Graupel has a darker side too. It is often the cause of avalanches when there is a graupel layer and a significant layer of snow laying on top of it. The slab of snow will roll on the little balls of graupel and can cause a massive avalanche.


Hey, that's the same word in German, too.


awesome version of Home......is that your daughter...she's fabulous

Account Deleted

Hello, I like your blog, he is very inspiring.
I am from Ukraine. Do you speak russian?


Oh My! This is such a beautiful song!!!! Is that your daughter?? How cute se is at her age!! Love the way they both sing and wistle... wow...
Have a great day!


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