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February 17, 2011


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Kit Lang


Geninne D. Zlatkis

Definitely smitten :)


such lovely photos
I can't wait to do the classes with you
it's going to be so much fun!

blue acorn

My love for natural dyeing is endless. Here is something that you may want to try. When you dye cotton yarn or cotton fabric, clean and soak your material fist, then wring, so they're not dripping wet. Then soak them in plain soy milk and let the soy milk absorb. Then put the yarn or fabric into the hot dye bath, stir, and leave it in the dye bath for a day. The protein in the fiber will soak up the dye well and will result in rich color and rather color fast. I would like to know if you like the result. Enjoy !


Yay! to everything :) Fun experiments, pansies and classes with a friend. I'm still on an indigo shibori high from the class I had last week and would LOVE to tag along with you and Arounna.

Jill Wignall

these look wonderful. All those classes sound brilliant. you know I'd like to join the tshirt making one.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

definitely a primitive, tribal, ancient look. Awesome !
you'll bring me in your pocket during the dye classes, won't you ? ;-)
have a great day, you pansy lover :)


In Lithuania we are dyeing eggs with onion skins on Easter. :) It's look like this:


We have many techniques for natural dyeing and Lithuanians use them not only for fabrics. ;)


Smitten is the word... I did a bit of natural dyeing a few years back, but you have just inspired me to go back to it. Wonderful. Thank you!


these are so lovely, Margie
part of the allure must be the process because it certainly seems to involve some imagination.
then of course there's the surprise aspect:
such a lovely pansy!
i'm sure both of you will have fun at the workshop

The Muse of The Day

I too am smitten with your results, Margie. Is it just me, or do the unwrapped, just-dyed parcels look like gifts or ancient scrolls that hold endless secrets? Carolina


Oh I am smitten alright. And excited about the next few months. I know you'll be showing us more and more natural dye beauty.

Do you know about this book?:


I'm wondering if it's a good introduction to natural dying. I'd love to try some out for myself, but I'm a little intimidated. Oh, how I wish we were closer to each other!


beautiful results!


ack! it's all so pretty, i can't stand it. i also will admit complete jealousy about your dyeing classes - wish i could come!


What lovely colours. Have you seen India Flint's book on dyeing and wrapping fabric? www.indiaflint.com She has a thoughtful approach to dyeing, and creates beautiful impressionistic fabric that reminds me of your work.


Wow, really really lovely. I've looked if I could find a class in my area... so far no luck :(


When I was a teenager, I dyed Easter eggs with natural materials....onion skins, beets, grape juice... I can't remember what else, but it was so much fun to see what the final color would be. At that time, I didn't dream of dyeing fabric. You have given me food for thought (no pun intended). I see there is a book out this very subject....you've probably got your own copy.... see the latest Purl Bee blog posting.

Poorvi Das

Would like to know more about the workshop. Would it be in New York? Please do share more details when it is finalized. Thanks.

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