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February 23, 2011


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i am still ever so curious as to how many hours you have in your day??? you're truly amazing! i so enjoy reading your blog and viewing your images - always inspiring!! thank you for sharing your talent!!

be well,


The little lace is sooo beautiful an precious. Looks like one of the things you totally go nuts abouts when finding it on a fleamarket ;-) Looking forward to see what you'll make of it...
And this has to be said: I am an so smitten with your crocketed little stones. Love to see the images here, on purlbee... Wish I could at least crocket a LITTLE to try it... :-D


Your rings are so beautiful - lucky girls! - It's funny, I made a ring like that yesterday too, but with a tiny stone with freehand crochet, and the ring itself in crochet. Inspired by your crocheted stones in the first place.

Sonia / Cozy Memories

these rings & spoons are to die for. <3 Postal rates never cease to rise, even over here. I shall remember that they usually go up on March 01st, which should be soon. xoxo


oh, those crochet rings! they're gorgeous. i hope one day i might be able to buy one of those from your shop. :)
p.s. i know what you mean about the postage- our rates have greatly increased lately and i'm sad to say that is why i haven't sent you a boxful of nz river stones like i really want to!
how about crochet-covered pumice stones...?


You never cease to amaze and dazzle me with your genius and very unique ideas !!! These stone rings are divine ! How happy your daughters were, I'm sure, to find these extraordinary spoons ! They look coming from "Alice in Wonderland". You spread so much love, sweetness and beauty around you, Margie ! Thank you to enchant us day after day :)

flash map

This are really amazing pictures.I love this blog.I am pleased to see this pictures.

Jill Wignall

Those rings are wonderful! Such a clever way of using the lace. i bet your daughters where so happy. x


Those rings!!! Oh my!


You really do have the most unique ideas. And I agree with the jaw-dropping cost of shipping anything by Canada Post. I try to act cool each time but sometimes I can't help it.


I did wonder about the cost of posting stones when you said you'd post anywhere. Could you try covering pumice stone?

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Funny, I noticed the birch ring right away and said out loud "oooh I love that!", then read that you thought I might like it. :)

I love what you did with the lace, you genius thing you . And those spoons are pretty great. I've been wanting to carve some spoons... maybe a project for spring.

And yes, the postal rates here too are crazy. Oddly, it generally costs less for me to mail things to Canada than it does for me to mail them to California. Goofy.


beautiful gifts! i love the idea of wearing a crochet-covered stone on one's hand. small treats in the mail are the best!

Melissa  8*)

Have you ever crocheted a glass nugget? Maybe they would be lighter than a stone...
I used them when I was making stained glass mosaics, but now I have a HUGE collection and can't work with the glass anymore!
I would send some up to you in a heartbeat!!! My head spins when I think of the treasures you would make!! 8*)

Lovely World

You are on a creative roll here. And I too have noticed that postage is expensive. Especially packages sent abroad. I guess it is a reflection of our larger reliance on fossil fuels and their rising price. We are a world in transition...

Liz Noonan

I love it! When you sent me the rocks with all the leftover remade wrappings, I was very impressed with your resourcefulness! I'm having a little destash party, i think its up your alley - your destash gets matched up with another persons destash - kind of like a trade. you can read about it here

Emily Z.

So inspirational, as always. And I can see why you admired the bit of lace, it's so charming :)


These fern rings are amazing! The cost of postage goes higher and higher every day.I guess the reason you haven't received my parcel of stones till now is that it was very heavy!Who knows!I will see if I have any light ones!Greece has the highest export rates of light stone.Ariadne from Greece!


Absolutely beautiful work. It inspires me to look at my little treasures in a new light and see how I can incorporate more in to jewelry pieces. Thank you!


Very cool, Margie!

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Wow what a lovely gifts idea.I likes this.This is best gift for the children.I am pleased to see this.


Wow - those gifts are gorgeous - love the fern ring the best.

Birthday Party Babble

Love the thimble idea. I think these would be so cute on a spoon for a tea party place setting. Thanks for the inspiration.

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