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February 03, 2011


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I heard it called Snowmegeddon, somewhat sarcastically, on the radio this morning. It wasn't but I like the name. The boys, especially my oldest, did enjoy the snow day. I believe every child deserves at least one snow day a year, right? It was nice to finally get some pretty snow here in Burlington. Beautiful photos, as always, Margie.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

We didn't get snomg or snowmageddon either. We've gotten it's colder older brother though. Chilly sob.

Love the photos, especially the image of the pinecones safe under the cloche by the klompen.


I don't know how you manage to do all that on such a very busy day of work. These snowflakes are amazing. But you are even more amazing.

Kit Lang

Wow - you've made the snoax look really beautiful! :)


Your gorgeous photos make me jealous that we didn't get one single snowflake from it all...only rain. Lovely little heart.


I love how the snow glistens...really magical.

Janee Lookerse

Those snow flakes are beautiful! I have a couple really nice ones like those from last year...I should find them and post them...

Anyways, I was dropping by to tell you I posted a link to your blog in my post this morning! yellowbirdyellowbeard.blogspot.com

I always love seeing your beautiful photos :) Hope you have a nice snowy day!!



The photos are beautiful. The snowflake photos are just incredible. Thanks for sharing!


What a great post and wonderful magical photos!


This is just so incredibly... lovely. I know I should feel cold looking at these pictures but instead it makes me feel all warm inside. Beautiful and magical indeed :)


Magical snowflakes. Thank you.


Your patients are lucky to have a doctor risk driving through "snowmegeddon!"
I love that garden gate. Wonderful images, I'm happy you and your camera took a little break :)


Love those snowflake photos! Glad you are safe and warm.


magical indeed
it was pretty here too.
wish I took photos


Wow! Great photos. And nice blog!


i am longing for snow today... (i'm too hot.)
thank you for reminding me that summer doesn't last forever!


Magical, indeed !!! But please take care on the road ... couldn't you rather make your patients round riding in a sleigh ?

Joyce Bank

That last photo of the glittering snow at night.. beautiful - glad you captured and shared that one!


We got a lot of snow here too it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to shovel it all. The big snow flake are just beautiful and yesterday we had a light snow with sunshine so pretty.

Amber at Berlin's Whimsy

I'm so envious of all your snow! We have had snow, but not much... sigh.

What a whimsical image with the red clogs in the snow.

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