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March 09, 2011


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Elsita :)

Wow, Margie!
Daniel is REALLY a gifted boy!
Coming from such a gifted Mom as Geninne is, we cannot see is as a surprise. My respects to you Daniel. I already know that you will be a very successful artist. Can't wait to see your Etsy store.
Love to the tres amigos!!
Elsita :)


Awwww Margie! Daniel went to Mexico City today with his dad and as soon as he arrives I'll show him your post. He'll be so happy :)
What can I say...I couldn't be more proud of my beautiful Daniel. Gracias Elsita! Gracias Margie!
Lots of love to both of you ♥


Daniel is definitely an artist. Excellent portraits!


Such amazing work! There is so much depth and detail. And the look Arwen is giving to her portrait made me laugh out loud.


daniel is so talented!!
and a handsome lad
those are beautiful portraits of your kitties
I love the photos with the kitties and their portraits
too cute.

Melissa H

WOW! He is so talented. What a wonderful gift.


wow! daniel has definitely got wonderful skill, those portraits are so spot on.


I am absolutely bowled over at Daniel's abilities! Those portraits are awesome.
I also LOVE Byron's expression with the classic 'kitty wide eyes' into the camera!

Sherry Harmes

What a wonderful gift from such a talented young man! He has their expressions and personalities down to a T. Glad that you had such a great time with Geninne and her family in Mexico!


Wow. These are amazing. i can't believe he ist only 13. He'll be a big artist someday.... definetely!


My goodness! Amazing portraits at any age, but 13! I'm sure Daniel's Etsy store will be a hit. Such a warm and wonderful gift to cherish.

I have a jealous puppy here now wanting her own portrait.

Poorvi Das

Wow! These are superb. Daniel is very talented!


These are wonderful portraits, such a talent at such a young age.....will be wonderful to watch him blossom over the next few years, i predict big things for this young talent x

Jill Wignall

These are so wonderful! What a beautiful gift for your home! He is so talented.


I can't believe my eyes !!! Daniel is amazingly gifted ! His portraits of Edgar, Byron and Arwen are so vivid. He must love very much animals to capture so wonderfully their expressions. So many layers of different pencils to find the right shades ... He's an Artist and his mom must feel sooo proud !!! Daniel, are you giving lessons ? :D
What a magnificent memories from your trip, Margie ! Any portrait of Fern ? :)


wow those portraits are fantastic! he even captured each of their trademark expressions! you said they were amazing but i was not expecting this, i am blown away!

congratulations daniel! you are already an amazing artist and i can't wait to see how you continue to improve and develop. waiting for the etsy shop now, macguyver is jealous!


That's a very talented young man indeed..!


good luck, Daniel with etsy
Geninne, you must be so proud!
and lucky you, Margie, to have these originals

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

What a talented young man! Beautiful renderings, and at such a tender age. Wowza!


wow, those are amazing! I love the reaction photos of the kitties!
Daniel is amazingly talented and so is Geninne!
what a great gift!


Talent obviously runs in the family. These are lovely!


In Greek we say "The apple falls under the appletree"!What magnificent talent little Daniel has!AriadnefromGreece!


Such talent! Congratulations to Daniel, and I hope that when he opens his shop, he will take custom orders for cat portraits!


He is so talented! The portraits are really beautiful!

Ruth Hower

What a poignant post! I'm so heart happy for Daniel and awed by his exquisite renderings of your kitties, Margie. How wonderful to see and appreciate a budding young artist with a brilliant future ahead. What a treasure you have in those portraits as well as in that friendship! It's beautiful to behold!


Daniel, I hope you are reading these comments! Your work is impressive. It is a gift to find your talent early in life. Treasure it! I hope you are able to pursue your passion in art. Follow your heart in all that you do.

Liz Noonan

I *LOVE* this! What a sweet, talented, GOOD boy! How nice to have such a lovely friendship!


I love those drawings. He captured Edgar's expression beautifully. I also checked out his blog. Such talent and I'm seeing a cool sense of humour in some of his drawings.


everything that I was going to say has already been said by all these lovely ladies ... I also hope Daniel will read these comments, such gifted children need to know how good they are at what they do. I wish him to always find joy & passion in what he loves to do.


how wonderful! so much talent in that young man. and his subject matter, well, they're amazing too, of course!

Lovely World

These are SPECTACULAR! How wonderful to see Geninne's creative gift traveling to the next generation.

I have so enjoyed following your travels through this blog as well as Geninne's. I think you had quite a few of us arm chair travelers! Thanks so much.


umm, whoa.


What a talented boy...just like his mum. He has really 'captured' your felines.
Amazing trip (been following your trip on Gennine's blog) and so nice to catch up with friends.
Very special.

Jacky xox

p.s. love those stones you girls painted!

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

Jaw-dropping worthy !!! Not only is he good looking, but also very talented. Should we hate him ? Ah well ... Of course, we can't ! ;)

And oh my goodness, Byron's reaction is priceless :D

x x x


Daniel is very talented, they look just like your cats, he captured their expressions very well. Thanks for sharing!


Wow, what lucky felines to have their portraits made by such a talented artist! Love them!


I knew Daniel was talented, but I didn't realize he was THIS talented! So much creativity in Geninne's family!

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