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March 29, 2011


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I can feel the love in each of these photos ♥ Having you here was a treat & an honor that I will cherish for ever. xoxo


I can see why you would be homesick! Plus, the thought of spending time with Geninne would be amazing.


What an astonishingly beautiful place! No wonder you were inspired by your trip to Geninne's, and are missing it.


To spend time in such a beautiful space with people that you love, that is a perfect thing. Gorgeous photos.


hermosas fotos! es una casa preciosa! y geninne es muy talentosa!
esa comida sera Pastel de choclo?, presentados en unos lindos platos de greda de Pomaire?
desde Chile un gran abrazo!


that second picture is incredible!! After reading both your and geninne's blogs for a while now, I really want to visit mexico :) (and canada!)


Thank you so much to you and Geninne for sharing this wonderful invitation in her beautiful casa azul ! Such a fabulous change of scene and, at the same time, I can see so many similitudes with the things you both love. So many precious memories where your mind can escape when you need sun ...

Sonia / Cozy Memories

I'd be totally homesick too ... (and fear to feel just the same this summer)
I enjoyed each and every photo, thank you SO much for sharing them with us, and to Geninne too, for allowing you to. Oh how much I would have paid for being there with you girls ... le sigh

Jill Wignall

it looks beautiful and it's nice to see another perspective on such a gorgeous home. I can see why you miss is so.


What a beautiful virtual visit, thank you to you both! The repetition (through what we make) and honouring of the nature around us is so beautiful, and this post reminded me of that.


is that a watermelon salad in the last photo?

it's a truly gorgeous, peaceful and inspiring place.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Absolutely beautiful place. Thanks to both of you for sharing it with us.


What wonderful photos,yes through your eyes Geninne's house is as beautiful as through hers!AriadnefromGreece!


I think I understand a little why you feel homesick. Beautiful.


Lovely and Peaceful looking. I Especially love the crochet rocks, Turbo *_*, and that little stack of fabric, as I am a fabric nut. Beautiful pieces of fabric from what I can tell. I think you make us all long to visit Genine.


Yes, isn't that special - the threads woven between oneself and other people and places, sometimes so very strong, so very quickly..
WOnderful pictures!



Lovely World

Thanks so much for the tour. We see Gennine's house through her eyes in her blog. Now we see a bit of a different perspective!


oh, wow. so many lovely things to look at! thanks for sharing with us. :)

Rini Boer

Hallo ,
Do you know the name of the red seads ??
I have found some Spain in my holiday but i dont know the name .
Love ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands

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