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March 16, 2011


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Jenny Forbes

Margie, your work is amazingly beautiful. It's clear that you pour your heart and soul into each little creation.

Until I saw your stones, I would've said that there was nothing one could do to a beach pebble to make it more beautiful! But you've found a way to help each one tell an ageless, poetic story. I love each one, and I AM going to hold one in my hands one day!


all of this post is so wonderful and love-filled: the giveaway, the collaboration, the completed stone, the pouch, and your relief efforts for Japan. you are a marvel. :)

Krista H

I would like to say you are a true artist.. the things you produce with your hands and mind are just breathtaking.


what a beautiful work of art
made with so much love and attention
I think getting some of her fabric was a wonderful idea
beautiful photos too.


Wow Margie, Melissa's stone is just breathtaking and the felt pouch is equally stunning. Sign me up for a missing pieces stone! Seriously...put me on the list :) I NEED one for my Margie stones collection.


this is such a fantastic piece!


This is so beautiful, I really love the patch with the tiny little spray of plants. It is so pretty


It turned out perfectly "Melissa", and perfectly "Margie", just as I knew it would. These incredible works of art of yours are truly inimitable. The care you take in choosing the materials, the beauty of your colour and pattern mixing, the obvious love you put into every single stitch create a certain kind of beauty that is uniquely your own, and can never be imitated. Your put your soul in these, and it shows. I will keep a vigil on this here place in the hopes that I might be one of the lucky ones to have the chance of owning a Resurrection Fern original.


it's breathtaking. i love how your incorporated melissa's fabrics into it. each missing pieces stone is truly a unique treasured piece.


I Love your art so much!


Uniquely created from your heart...love this, hope you are supported..with your vision to help the doctors in Japan


you know I'll be happy to have one. maybe a swap if you like..but always happy to buy from you.


It's wonderful the way you intertwined Melissa's artful fabric with your own stitches. Another masterpiece and I'm sure it will be so loved!


Your Missing Pieces Stones, Margie, are more precious, for me, than any masterpiece in any Museum of art ! Your one-of-a-kind concept, typically yours, your amazing process, their signification, their exceptional beauty and all the love you put in them.
I'm glad for Melissa whose work and embroideries are so pretty ! I can't imagine her joy when she opened the enchanted feather enveloppe ... You always make people sooo happy !!!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

Being the extremely honored owner of a Missing Pieces stone, I can attest to anyone reading this (even silently) that they ARE pieces of art, with a soul, with a history, and they do take a lot of time, love and energy for being made. It's not something that can be duplicated, because art can't be duplicated in a mass quantity, only soul-less, history-free mass-made consumer goods, which the Missing Pieces stones definitely are NOT.
I can "read" through the little "windows" of this amazing stone for Melissa. Here love for embroidery, for nature & botany, for vintage Liberty ...

Jill Wignall

Margie, They certainly are works of art. Please do not let anyone tell you otherwise. This one is beautiful. I recently bought some of Melissa's fabric but I'm waiting for the perfect idea of what to make with it.


i can't help but remark on the yin/yang symbolism not just in your concept and work but the "negative" spaces that have "infiltrated".

Poorvi Das

Beautiful. It is evident that you make it with much love and attention to details.


It reminds me of Rumi: I've said before that every craftsman searches for what's not there to practice his craft... and also of Lao Tzu: adapt the nothing therein to the purpose at hand...


How wonderful - another beautiful combination of 2 people's talents.


Incorporating some of melissa's fabrics makes it almost seem like a collaboration between the two of you. The colours that you have chosen are beautiful and the felt envelope is the perfect packaging for one of your stones.


I LOVE your crocheted stones!!!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

The missing pieces stones are beautiful and meaningful. Your art is amazing and so are you.


oooooooh..... such a lovely, lovely stone!! i sure am sure melissa will be very, very happy about this giveaway! and i sure am it will bring happiness!! so much love and heart and carefulness in it!! lotte.

Lovely World

I saw the stone first when Melissa posted it. Now it is nice to see the process and details up close. I remember when I first saw one of these missing pieces stones - in a Country Living Magazine (I believe that was the magazine). It caught my right away, and I didn't even know your blog so well back then!

Dale Smith

Margaret, I have two of your stones, (so far):) I don't know why a small stone, wrapped in embroidery, gives me so much pleasure but I think that it speaks to the love that you infuse in your pieces. If you do decide to take orders for the missing pieces stones I will definitely 'stand' in line. Sending you the very best from Ottawa!

([email protected])

Ruth Hower

It's breathtakingly beautiful, Margie! I have here on my desk the page from the April 2009 issue of Country Living, carefully protected in a plastic sleeve, showing one of your first stones, stitched with tatted lace. It had impressed me so much, and it was long before I discovered your blog. It was so exciting to discover that you were the maker of that stone when it finally dawned on me to make the connection! We're watching you as you grow and evolve; it's a wondrous privilege. Your work becomes lovelier with each new undertaking. You rock, Margie!!! xoxoxoxo

The Muse of The Day

In the 8th picture, the little piece of fabric of the red centered flower, reminded me of Japan. There is a quietness about your work that I find truly addicting. Seeing your stones brings me peace. I, too, am praying for the people of Japan. Carolina

gwen (Belgium-Europe)

You make such beautiful things... I just love it !!!!!

Carol Dee

Beautiful. Wonderful Idea for the custom order stones.


Oh I just hope I will manage to get one of your next stones on your shop!Or even have one custom made!We will see!AriadnefromGreece!


What an amazing piece of work, some special pieces of fabrics incorporated, the embroidered blue flowers are truly beautiful. Love the feathers on the pouch.


that one is truly stunning and so perfect for melissa.

they really are works of art, as well as labors of love, aren't they?



I think the stone is beautiful but I have to admit that I covet the envelope more! (hang head in shame). That envelope is gorgeous!




I would love to have you make a custom missing pieces stone for me. But that's being selfish. Thank you for your work to support the Dr.s Without Borders. I'll watch your store!


yes, my missing pieces stone is truly a beautiful work of art. it's heavy and solid, yet ever-so-delicate. the negative space is nearly as special as the worked space. i adore it. it's currently sitting on my mantlepiece, along with my 'most precious possessions' and gets admiration from everyone who visits.
thank you so much, margie, for your incredible generosity.


I must confess I first came across your work and blog via tiny happy when I read Melissa's post about receiving your stone. As a fellow Canadian, I find it rather fascinating that I learn something new about my own country's arts and crafts community from someone who lives on the other side of the world! Anyway, I love your missing pieces stones and have written to other bloggers about them hoping more people will find them as inspiring as I do. I'm glad you mentioned your use of negative space since that was what really drew your stones to me, that and your use of scale, and the tension created by paring something heavy and elemental like a rock with your light, delicate, cultured handwork. Obviously, I think the results are magical. I can't wait to see more. Best wishes and thanks for sharing!


What a lovely collaboration! I love how those tiny bits of fabric are so small it almost seems like they are too tiny for anything, but they are the perfect size for that little crocheted stone. Rather beautifully symbolic. :)


Oh, Margie, this one is so beautiful! The fabrics you chose go so well together. I am amazed at how you manage to find the time to complete all these projects while working and raising a family!


oh i want one of your stones so much.


margie, your work is exquisite! i so enjoy reading your blog and catching a glimpse of the beautiful pieces you create! each creation awe-inspiring! thank you for sharing your talents with all of us!

fée un voeu

So beautiful.

Janee Lookerse

This is SO gorgeous. I have absolutely no idea how you do it. Especially how you attach the fabric to the crocheting... no clue. Its mysterious and marvelous. <3


Janee Lookerse

Hey again, I referenced your lovely stone in my "inspiring images" post today! Here is the link if you'd like to see: http://yellowbirdyellowbeard.blogspot.com/2011/03/good-haul.html



Absolutely beautiful and inspiring. So creative. I've never seen anything like your work before. Lovely. Thank you for sharing.

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