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March 13, 2011


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Melissa H

I LOVE that last one. So amazing the painting AND the nest.


just wonderful! the bluebird [of happiness] is my favorite. what a gorgeous set to welcome spring.


spring is around the corner
I can feel it
can't wait for the show!


Absolutely gorgeous! Love them!


you two are just so amazing. these are gorgeous! your work so nicely compliments one another. can't wait to see more!


i like the "birth" of this working together...it is producing...lovely creative "things"...

Sonia / Cozy Memories

thank you for posting different stages of these very lovely pieces :) I can not wait to see them all ! xoxo


These are such beautiful images to wake up to Margie. And it's a sunny morning here adding to the springlike feel of these images.
What a wonderful time you had together!


oh wow, the nests are magical!

Property Management

These are such a amazing work you shared here. I really like it very much. These all very different and unique art work.

Jill Wignall

I love that last picture with the dyed fabric woven through. They're going to be beautiful!


How beautiful the work when talented people work together and inspire each other..!

Lovely World

What a wonderful thing to see as I await spring! I have been hearing more bird song - the nesting is not long behind. These are so gently beautiful. Can't wait to see your nest embellishments. XO


I am completely smitten (smitten? is that too strong a word to use? nope.) by these nested stones. The string and fabric weaved into the crocheted nest is perfect.

Holly McLean

I love the stones with the eggs on them (the birds are nice too). The crocheted part is like the nest which I'm sure you meant it to be. They're lovely.


What a wonderful little painting you have made! Lovely birds & beautiful eggs!


What a wonderful collaboration of the three of you!AriadnefromGreece!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I'm smitten too! LOVE these!!!


These stone nests are divine, Margie, divine !!! I wish I were a birdie to snuggle up inside. Love the woven fabric addition. I always wonder how you found such genius ideas, totally one-of-a-kind and full of poetry ! Your art reflects so much your love of nature and coming on Resurrection Fern is every day the most delightful and exciting invitation.

Congrats to Geninne and you for that extraordinary collaboration. The birdies are magnificent and their song the loveliest thing I've heard today ! :)


Better than Easter eggs!!


stone-nests. they're beautiful and cosy looking. hugs to you xx


Oh Margie!
It's so wonderful seeing your creativity grow and grow like roots in the soil of your imagination. I don't know if that visual representation makes sense in words but I really see it that way. Your art expands organically in all directions, formally, conceptually... How much I would love to be at the opening and see your work and Geninne's work together. Two of my favorite ladies in the whole world.
Elsi :)


what fun!
i love the egg/nest/bird/crochet/rock/egg cycle
very clever!


These are really just so beautiful and inspirational. Seeing them brings to mind hopes for rebirth and spring, which is right around the corner!

Tracy Park

I would love to buy one!

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