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April 28, 2011


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Lovely World

Well said Margie. If we cannot be both open and honest, then what is this life? Open enough to share, and honest enough to respect that sharing. I have certainly enjoyed making crochet-covered stones. The intricate crocheting helped me through a difficult personal time last summer in particular. But, I have other craft that feels like the real "me." Craft that emerges after and apart from the inspiration I find online. Does that make sense? And when you are in that creative space, your own space, it feels so good. Better than trying to be something or someone you are not. Hugs to you Margie.

Lovely World

ps. I forgot to tell you just how lovely that rooted stone flower is. Roots also make me think of threads - the threads of all that thread we crafters share as we sew, crochet, knit, and embroider.

Laura Locke

I admire your integrity and your faith in others. I, too, have been warned not to give away too many secrets but I feel that although others may be inclined to copy, my ideas are my own and the ability to inspire others to express themselves is, in and of itself, a gift. Your work is lovely. Thank you for sharing.


Your art/heart sing true. No one can copy that. Let your generous spirit guide you, it will never steer you wrong.



you are brilliant; one cannot contain their brilliance, not should they. shine on! (please)

Liz Noonan

no one can duplicate what you do M, they can only imitate - it's hardly the same. I've seen a particular person on Etsy and I have to say that her work does not share your sensibility, and relationship to natural materials. I think they end up looking like a cheap knock-off.
Your stones are Art.
Your readers know and love the difference.


Margie, I visit this space because of what you bring to it. You inspired me to crochet a stone, yes but you also inspired me to look at things more closely, to try something new and to make just for the sake of making. I appreciate that with everything that has been happening lately, you have remained true to yourself. Oh, and I absolutely love the covered stone flower.


I just want to take a moment to thank you for sharing what you create. I have been inspired to learn to crochet because of your beautiful art. I am currently home post-ankle surgery and decided this would be the prefect time to begin my crochet learning, so I bought a book, some yarn and hooks. I'm two weeks in and I'm obsessed! I'm making a scarf using just a basic double stitch in a nice soft dove grey cotton, it's lovely. I would never have picked up a hook had I not been inspired by you, so I thank you for starting me on the path of a wonderful hobby. Someday I would like to make my own stone, but I would really like to crochet together my life long collection of seashells into a wall hanging. I have much I need to learn before I get to that point though!


missed you in class today
that crocheted stone pattern is beautiful
as is the colour.

talk soon


What a gorgeous stamp & stone combination! Thank you for being so generous in sharing your amazing work. I wish for the day when sharing rather than selling is a way of life. Thank you for getting the ball (er, rather, stone) rolling! ;-)


Recently I came across your crocheted stones and blog and they both took my breath away. It was a cold, grey March day and the touches of nature that you so generously share with your photos, tutorials and interviews refreshed my soul and lifted my spirits. And so, I remembered how at home I feel and how right the world seems, when I am out in nature and not stuck indoors. So I thank you for your generous and sharing spirit. And reminding me to open my eyes and heart to the lovely world around me.

Sherry Harmes

Margie, Stay true to yourself and everything else will work itself out. I love your wonderful, sharing spirit and don't let anyone else cramp you or try to fit you into a box. I count you as part of my world family and send encouragement and support your way every day. Love to you and yours, Sherry


Good for you for speaking up. Whether they say it or not, I cannot look at a covered stone and not think of you. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing. I have two loved ones leaving our area, and I plan on covering some stones for them to take from one of our many lakeside walks. I couldn't do it without you. Thank you again. Peace

Heather Gordon

That is hands down my favourite stone of all time! I have been missing my Grandmother terribly today and those pictures warmed my heart. As a child every spring we planted orange marigolds in her garden together and every spring I now plant orange marigolds with my girls in her memory. Your work is inspiring and beautifully unique...please never stop filling the world with such beauty.


that has got to be the most perfectly round stone. the crochet work is incredible too. i really appreciate that you keep sharing with us and haven't closed yourself off - i hope you know that there are so many of us who feel honoured to have you share what you do!


como siempre tus trabajos son hermosos
concuerdo contigo de que copiar es feo, pero también creo que es muy bueno compartir el conocimiento, y eso te lo agradezco enormemente, ya que me has inspirado demasiado.


@Paz: ?? Vainglorious??? Really? I find this blog as far from that as possible. Maybe you meant something else? (I hope so.)


This stone-flower is stunning and your idea of stamped roots genius !

Your art, Margie, is not only skillful and beautiful, it is very meaningful, rich of sense, of love for nature, respectful of our world, it enchants our heart and sharpens our eyes everyday.

You give and never stop giving like an inexhaustible spring. And your attitude of not discouraging, not giving up and continuing to go is very couragious and inspiring to me. I guess managing to go beyond this sensitive step/stage might be liberating. I wish ... Your generous spirit deserves only good vibes !

Emily Z.

People may mimic your work, but they can't copy your heart; any imitation will be a product, not art. You are an original and an inspiration. I am constantly grateful that you do share with us.
Hopefully that doesn't sound hoaky, because I mean it!


Oh Margie, I read your blog every day..your amazing creations warm the spirit. I love french knitting and created a covered stone inspired by you and was so excited to think I had paid homage to your creations...What a wonderful feeling it must be to have inspired a new art form. Bless you!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

oh dear, nobody's wanting you to stop crochet covering sea stones ! Never ever !! I admire your willingness to share when you know that some are so disrespectful. They only are a handful compared to the whole community of respectful crafters. May it be with the help of your stones or not, but YOU are the one (in my case, and in many others, I'm sure) who helped me being a better person, being a most respectful person, being more observant & more in synch with what I had inside myself (without even knowing, at first). Your stones may be copied (and that's an awful thing in itself), but noone will ever be able to be a duplicate of yourself. You have something that noone can steal you, you have a true personality, you have principles & also lots of hope in humanhood, and for this, my friend, I am forever admirative.
Keep on shining, my friend, keep on shining !
I love you xoxo

Holly McLean

I was about to comment on how much I liked the color of the crocheted stone when I read it was onion skin dyed. I did some Easter eggs that way. It is such a rich color.
Also, I think there will always be those who will copy designs just by looking at them rather you share techniques or not. Most artists in the blogging community are warm, open and giving, it would be a shame to pull back just because of those few.
I had one blogger who actually sent me supplies at no cost to me when I wrote to inquire where to purchase something she demoed. I had never corresponded with her before. It is an amazing community!


Today is the first day of the rest of our lives - may everyone tuck this learning experience under our belts and step forward! We are so blessed by your presence in our lives, Margie! What a beautiful stone and stamping and the perfect way to start this wonderful day!! Blessings to you, Margie - Always!!


That's a masterpiece of a covered stone, Margie! I think the natural dye gives it a unique depth and texture. I'm glad that you're continuing to follow your own path with integrity.

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