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April 26, 2011


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I love them too!


me too!

Sherry Harmes

Margie, My brother-in-law sent me pictures of a German Easter Egg Tree. It had 9500 decorated eggs on it in 2010. What caught my eye, was that some of them were crocheted just like your rocks. They used real eggshells and each one looks like a little treasure. Love to you and yours, Sherry

Sherry Harmes

What is the little die that you have among your supplies? Thanks for sharing your talents with us!


I am loving these stones...all the pretty, earthy colors, so perfect for the warmer days ahead!!!


twitterpated, again! :)


Your work is always beautiful! xo


i am quite smitten too. these pictures are such a feast for the eyes.


absolutely beautiful range of colors and design.

Beth Grim

What a nice thing to do with your nat'ly dyed threads....hmmmmm!


I love how "juicy" the colours are. Thanks for the link. I'm sad that such a post is needed, but I'm glad that creators are banding together to shed light on the matter and fight for their art.


So, so pretty. I am also smitten, Margie.


i like them stacked and photographed.


They are gorgeous, for sure. ^_^


yummy flavours. where did you find that wonderful teal?

Sonia / Cozy Memories

I can't get enough of these gorgeous natural colors, and the bicolor stones are just a fabulous as the monochrome ones.
The issue of copyright & intellectual property is extremely important. There is no "licence" for being a blogger, but there has to be some basic rules to follow when you decide to start blogging. Too many persons think it's allowed & so easy to cut & paste anything they see online. It is NOT right. Not a single second.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Yep, smitten here too. I especially love the shots of all the covered stones stacked up and you can see all those beautiful little stitches. (is that what they're called in crochet?) Just awesome.

Jill Wignall

I'm really smitten. They are really very beautiful Margie. You should be so proud of these. x


Lovely! I must track back and enter this give away :)

Jean Betts

oh, so beautiful and I bet they feel wonderful. I, too think the issue of intellectual property needs some very serious attention. where is peoples' integrity?


these are so very, very gorgeous!!


thanks for the link about intellectual property
what a can of worms!
i can understand you not wanting to say much at this point...or in this format


me encantan tus piedras tejidas.... comencé ha tejer también y es algo que no dejo de hacer. un hilo, una piedra, y se me vienen tu fotos y tus maravillosos trabajos a la mente...
estos últimos son realmente hermosos, sus colores...tan acogedores.gracias!


they are beauties. what a great color palette, too!


I adore your rainbow, Margie !!! These enchanting pebbles are so one-of-a-kind !
And I love your genius idea of dyeing threads or yarns. I don't find easily thin crochet threads and the colors use to be a bit too bright for my shy creatures ...

Lovely World

I love the ones with the tight single crochet around the edges. Something very satisfying about those.

Intellectual property - an important, big subject. The creepiest thing I ever saw was in regard to a Brooklyn blogger who is a fantastic seamstress. She made all kinds of beautiful clothes, and used her children as models. She came to find that another blogger was taking her photos and blogging as if the children were her own! As far as I know, the seamstress has stopped blogging. This is also a reason that I do not feature my children on my blog much at all, and usually not their faces when I do. Hard to figure this all out. I guess being honest is at the crux of it all.


lovely stones......love them all!

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