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April 19, 2011


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I'm happy to add my heartfelt birthday wishes to Sonia too. What a lovely tribute to a lovely friend!

Lovely World

You are a wonderful friend, my friend! I'll go send a birthday wish!


A beautiful birthday wish for a good friend. Did you use your hand carved stamps to create the picture, Margie? Happy birthday, Sonia!

Margaret Oomen

hi tara,
yes i used only my hand carved stamps, four of which I carved last night for the occasion.
I am hooked on carving.

ana isabel

tee hee Fern is so so cute! Love the stamps :)


What a lovely tribute to Sonia! I need to get my birthday list updated!


Happy birthday Sonia!!!!
What a gorgeous party! You stamps are spectacular!!! the student surpassed the teacher by far! :)


happiest birthday wishes Sonia! This is the sweetest celebration you had in her honor, Margie!


beautiful celebration for sonia, and how nice of fern to come out and give his wishes too!


happy birthday, sonia! it looks like a lovely snail party, margie. xx


What a gorgeous and springly party, Margie ! And what a lovely tribute to our sweet friend ! Happy birthday Sonia !!! I'm not surprised Fern woke up from his long winter sleep today, he couldn't miss such a special occasion. And your handcarved stamps are fantastic Margie !

Sonia / Cozy Memories

oh Margie. I'm going to contain my tears (of joy, of course) because I don't want to ruin this gorgeous piece of art of yours. Though I suppose Fern wouldn't mind a little drop of moisture ;-)
THANK YOU. Thank you so much for all kind words, the love always, the birthday wishes (thank you all, sweet ladies !!) I am so lucky to have you in my life, Margie. And to be surrounded by so many kind ladies too.
lots of love oxoxo

Jill Wignall

This is so wonderful Margie! Your stamps are fantastic and the card is so pretty! Such kind words about Sonia and all very true. A wonderful tribute Margie. x


A fantastic celebration!!! Love your new Fern stamp too. I agree, definitely worth coaxing Fern out of his shell for the occasion, he's so photogenic and such a party animal ;)
Happy birthday to our sweet friend.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Now THAT is a birthday celebration! Great job, Fern. Happy Birthday Sonia!

Sherry Harmes

What a beautiful way to use your stamps, Margie.
These are beautiful! May be one day you can come to Alaska, and see some of Ferns relatives from the sea.

Happy Birthday

What a cutie, Happy Birthday.


Look at Fern walking the high wire just for Sonia's birthday-what a gift!!!!!!

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