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April 13, 2011


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I love the little details in pen.
these are lovely - maybe some printed on fabric.


I love the pen details too! What a great idea, I would have probably driven myself crazy trying to carve little thin legs. This is much better, and every bug is unique!


Where do you get your supplies? (like the rubber(?) and the tools) I am so inspired by your blog everyday!


Gennine is a great influence, isn't she? Your creations are so lovely!


Whoa Margie! They are SO beautiful! Quite an addictive craft, isn't it? I can get lost for hours with my dear lino cutter. You definitely need to print those on fabric. Amazing job my friend ♥ Hope we get to play together again soon.


These are gorgeous! You are so talented!


you are crazy talented with so many different mediums. i called that bulb a veggie on flickr, as i thought it looked like a beet or turnip, but either way i love it! they are all so great and i love your ink colours too.

vibram five fingers

So much cute! love it

Sherry Harmes

You both are wonderful inspirations for me. I love to "tune in" to see what you are up to. The bunny I was working on, for Opertion Bunny Drop, has multiplied to 5. My neighbor took a fantastic photo of a hummingbird moth, on his lilac, a couple years ago. It is amazing how much like a hummingbird, it looked and sounded like. Happy days to you and yours!


arghh... i love them, margie!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

ok, I don't think there is a day without you blowing my mind ! You are so on a roll, girl !!! (yay !) These hues of green & blue are so uplifting, soothing & fresh. oxoxo


Wow! Words escape me. Those are the prettiest mini beasts ever.


Fantastic work, Margie! I think carving entomological stamps is a quite natural match for your interests and skill set. I'd love to see those on stationery!


Beautiful stamps. They look fantastic.

Lovely World

This is all so springy! I love what you have made. I have rubber stamp supplies sitting in my workroom drawer - I should pull them out and see what I can come up with. You make it look so fun!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I especially love the moths. And the colors you've made. Perfect for fabric.

Ruth Hower

Oh Margie! No matter what you get "hooked" on, you keep outdoing yourself!! These are incredibly beautiful - I've had my morning "fix" thanks to you. In my memory is a day several summers ago near sundown, when I watched a whole swarm of sphinx moths feeding in the huge white moonflowers growing beside a garden wall. I only carry that memory - you are capturing nature and preserving it with your hands and camera lens - every day there's another surprise from you!


So simple, so beautiful. I am constantly awed by the way observe nature and integrate it into your art.

Holly McLean

How beautiful! I've never heard of a hummingbird moth.


!!!!! I love them, Margie! Especially the large month and the bulb. So cool. I can't wait to try this some day, too.


so beautiful! i like the colors you printed with (the icons next to this post's comments are following the scheme!) very inspiring.


Margi, these are beautiful. i love them. I want them. You inspire me to get myself some carving tools and make my own stamps. I love the colours you chose and how you used more than one colour in some of the stamps. Keep carving! I want to see more of your stamp creations.


Margi, a great colorful post! I love that you are branching out to include your new skills & passions. You inspire!


These came out beautifully.

I recently tried block printing myself and really enjoyed it.

Navy Blue

Wow! those are cute stamps, I also make some animal designs and birthday hat design for my daughter who will have her birthday next week.

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