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April 21, 2011


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Heather Moore

Such lovely photos. That acid yellow lichen on stone is so beautiful.


It's not easy coming back from balmy-lush Hawaii to THIS cold and grey and snow, but your beautiful photos are a warm hug. Oh well, more quality time with my handknits too...

Sonia / Cozy Memories

agh, yuck, sorry Mr Winter is still lingering when he should be gone for long ... I will blow some mild air your way, it will melt this snow. oxox


I needed this today. We still have little snowbanks against our house. Sigh. Spring is slow this year.

Lovely World

Very nice to see, as we are having a very overcast week here in Western Massachusetts.

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

I'm likin' those lichens.


Beautiful Photos! I am loving the yellows! I also love Cambridge (and most of Massachusetts for that matter)! Spent a few weekends there meandering around the streets while my husband was a work. Its so pretty, I would so love to live in Boston or Cambridge. Anyways, that lichen on the cement is so lovely!


I was talking to one of the "grandmothers" at the market the other day, when all of a sudden, lavish amounts of spinach appeared at her and others' stalls. She said: everything likes the sun, child. I love the strength of sunlight, and how it is recorded in those yellow petals and patches of moss you photographed.


I love that quote by Annie Dillard. You must have read "Pilgrim at Tinker Creek". I think you would love it.


i love that lichen! that golden yellow is my favourite, colour, i've decided. (only since seeing your photos today!)


I made a forest friend who should solve that kind of problem :) I'll show him soon ...


I think i am going to have to work my sunshine making muscle today too. The cold and rain has to end soon, right? Happy Earth Day, Margie!


I am very partial to the photo of the yellow lichen in the three stone pillars-very beautiful,


I just love your photography. It's truly beautiful.

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