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April 30, 2011


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Yay for Allison.
And yay for Ruth too. I'm sure she felt honored to know you too, and happy you were there for her.
I'm really happy to see the sun fill your photos. What a wonderful way to spend your day- with seeds (mine was with weeds :) Jx


Congrats to Allison!
I love the seed carving!Isn't the second on the top row a dandelion?

mathyld ▲under the pyramids▲

Wow ! Those are happy kitties !
I'd say that bottom ones are hollyhocks ? :)
x x x


Your cat is gorgeous! I totally want to fluff that little white belly in that one picture!


Hearty congratulatories to Allison - you lucky thing, you!

And I couldn't think of a more apt fashion in which to commemorate the life of a special somebody.

Sherry Harmes

Congrats Allison,
You are a wonderful friend, Margie.
I love the potential of seeds and the miracle of their growth into items to use and enjoy. Your plants will cont to remind you of all the special things Ruth was to you. Love to you and yours.


Congrats to the lucky Allison !
Planting seeds is such a wonderful and meaningful way to celebrate your beloved and very special friend Ruth. I loved to hear about the names she gave to each of his many companions :)))
Your spring back yard is so lovely, you know how to make a place cosy and beautiful. It's a perfect spot to spend an April Saturday ! Glad to see that Mister Spring has at last arrived and that you could enjoy a great time outside. Sun King's magic looks to have worked :)
Love your genius carved stamps !
Wish you and all the family a fantastic sunny Sunday !


hello margie
your cats are really funny, finally they help you or they sleep?
i like your cosy garden and your engraving stamp black and white is verry interesting
il's 6 months now i come in your blog, sorry for my english!!


Is that top left one a fairy clock ? (dandelion) Lovely engraving!

Sonia / Cozy Memories

congrats, Allison, lucky duck ;-)
so happy to read Ruth's memorial was a "good" one
yes it seems so apropos to sow seeds on her memorial day
your garden looks so inviting, and Edgar looked as adorable as ever :D

Lovely World

Happy May. We are planting this weekend as well. Greens, radish, basil, peas, green onion, and some flowers for now. More to follow! I love hearing stories of a life well-lived. Thanks for sharing that.

Sherry Harmes

Are you planting some catnip for your furry family? My Carmel kitty loves just a few springs on her scratch pad. I had to plant it in a container though as it spred like wild fire. Happy Days to you and yours,


Lovely, cozy outdoor space. Weather here is Colorado is brisk! I sure hope it warms up for next week's celebrations. Beautiful post as always!

Carol Dee

I think I see: Dandilion, milkweed and hollyhock.


Such curious kitties. Ruth sounds like a very special woman.


oh my goodness! lucky me. i just sent you an email, margie.

also, i love these photos. kitties and granny squares are irresistible!

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