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April 25, 2011


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Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Margie, these images are just STUNNING! I didn't even notice my bare little stones next to those beautifully clothed gems. Really, words fail me.

Thank you for showing a glimpse of you wearing the vase and for the very kind mention. Much love to you. xo


i think a wee green inchworm is my favorite natural thing (although some are longer than 1 cm). the bamboo stones are wonderful; all the photos are too.


great colours, almost autumn-y, warm and subtle.

my favourite thing that is under 1cm in size (hard to see!) is the tiny feathers around my little bird's face. they are so delicate and shiny like snowflakes. whenever he moults i always have to examine them for a few moments before letting them go.


ooooh oh my goodness me these are beyond beautiful. i love that you are using wood now! one of my fave natural items. i would LOVE to win one of these treasures.

Carole M.

...lovely rustic photographs. Yours and Lisa's co-ordinated items look fabulous. My favourite little gem from nature, would have to be a lady-beetle.


ooops. my fave natural tiny item. i have SO many... my shelves are filled with jar upon jar... if i have to pick i say a small smooth beach stone with a stripe running through it.


Hmm, what an interesting question. My first thought is diatoms. I am drawn to pictures of them and their intricate shapes.


These are so beautiful, you're really inspiring me to try some natural dying again.. I've done it once and it was great, but I only tried one colour and there are so many things to use! It's a shame it's almost winter here.
My favourite tiny natural thing is a seed, any seed.. I think seeds are incredible, the way they lay dormant for so long until they hit the right conditions and then come to life! :)

Laura Nelkin

Ohhh... Margie, the pictures are gorgeous, I just have to share one of my favorite things with you in the hopes of being a winner! Every so often on our hikes to Taughannock my daughter and I find the most precious little acorns, little runts that have not grown but are UTTERLY perfect in every way. A favorite for sure!


Tiny you say? Well, the tinier the better! The newborn baby gnomes in my garden are the tiniest thing that I love :-) Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway. I've been hoping for one of your amazing creations for a long, long time!


one of my favourite natural things to gaze at, even though in actuality very large, is a twinkling star up in the sky... from so far away they all look so tiny and lovely.....

Krista H

I think the tiny details are the best parts of everything. A small section of a water color painting (how the ink disperses and flows), a smooth little sprout piercing the cracked earth, a tiny knot of thread. all beatiful!!


why, a limpet, of course!


Yes I would love to win... I love the tiniest little snail shell in the garden,
so simple and sweet.


Oh, so different from the white-yarn ones and so nice too! My favorite thing under 1 cm is... many things, but I think sand. I love sand from different places in the world, and if you look close the grains are all different. Some have black lava grains, others shells, others coral, some pure clear quartz. I like that sand is something that is both eternal and also something that erodes and shapes and grinds into smaller pieces. I used to collect sand in little bottles, and now those are in the attic at mom's house in a box that says Save Forever on it. Her house is in Sweden and one day I will get them over here to North America, all the little grains.


when we're "snailing" the strawberry fields at the farm we frequent we find some of the tiniest little buggers....they are my favorite.


It depends on how natural you consider the last crumb of a chocolate bar to be... and if not that, then definitely feathery barnacle eyelashes in a rising tide. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

amy good house

My favorite tiny things are some extremely minuscule, tiny seashells I found off the coast of Capri. I keep them in a small ceramic box from the same place.


my favorite tiny things are jacob's cattle beans - they are delicious and each one looks like it has been handpainted. no one the same.



oh.. the tiny things in nature... only to the eyes who really want to see, revealing themselves soooo amazingly to the ones who dare to pay attention to the small world. I just love some seeds, like the wonderfully red pau-brasil seed, or the flying ipĂȘ seeds, dandelion's seeds, some new born frogs are so tiny too...and the other day i saw an amazing orchid that was under 1cm and asked for magnifying glass to be seen!
Thanks for the giveaway :)


What a great collection! My favourite small things include moss (especially with the little sporophyte generation sticking up), tiny beach worn pebbles, and zooplankton!

Sherry Harmes

I love tiny lemon balm and forget-me-not flowers together. I also love all the luminescent tiny algae in the ocean. I saw a confetti nudibranch in a tidal pool on my island. It was less than 1 cm long and was white with tiny orange, brown, yellow and green spots. Each sand grain, in our world, is beautiful and unique. I collect them, and ask my traveling friends to bring me samples, that I place in glass jars to admire. I enjoy coming to see your blog each day. Your creations inspire me to keep making things. Happy days to you and yours, Sherry

Robin Romain

Yesterday I say my 1st one. A red velvet mite. It crawled all over my hand with its teeny tiny tickling legs. They are very sweet looking, bright red and less than 1 mm. http://www.classicalvalues.com/archives/2006/11/post_155.html I love so much of your work!

Sherry Harmes

PS. The "plain" wooden stones that Lisa provided are beautiful just the way they are. I love the offset graining and colors. They look great with the ones you have "dressed."
Love to you and yours


My favorite tiny thing is an ant -- small, black, scurrying about on it's ant-y way. :) When I was a small girlie, many moons ago, I'd climb trees and spend a happy afternoon breathing the breeze and watching all the different kinds of ants crawl. Big black ones, medium red ones, black and red small ones, small black ones. :)


Shawna Zimmerman

little acorns are absolutely divine!


those are stunning! & my favorite tiny natural thing? baby fingernails...they're just like big people nails, but tiny & less gross.

Heidi aka Digital Misfit

Nature creates wonders in every size. When I was young, I remember catching these teeny wee frogs that were the size of my fingernail. They were so cute! I also always have much love for dandelion seeds, blowing in the wind.


I would say ladybugs would be #1, but snowflakes would be a close #2!

Lisa at Lil Fish Studios

Tadpoles. Teeny black toad tadpoles. Love them.


I love those rocks. I can crochet so I try and make my own with vintage doilies. One of my favorite artist does tiny carving on pencil lead - its awesome. http://soozeque.blogspot.com/2010/08/dalton-ghetti-pencil-artist.html


tomato seeds :-)


The wooden stones are beautiful! And your crocheted stones continue to amaze me. I have no idea how to crochet!
My favorite small things are little fuzzy lavender buds!

Heather Gordon

Oh my those are beautiful! My favourite tiny thing on nature would have to be a single lilac blossom. They're so simple and sweet on their own but put them together and they become such an impressive yet delicate thing to behold.


A LadyBug. It has always made me smile and happy when I spotted.


Just a bit of earth. I love the feeling of the soil in my hands and the rich warm scent.


Wow - these are stunning - I would love to win one! :o) My favorite tiny thing - hmm... I love looking up close at the tiny little details in plants (like moss or the little flowers that grow wild in grass). I also think seeds are amazing - so much potential in such a tiny little thing. Thanks for the giveaway!

Melissa H

Moss. I always wanted to be the right size to sleep on a bed of moss. Lichen comes in a close second.

The "rocks" are gorgeous.

Ashley Lee

I would have to say one of my favorite natural things that is that small would be a ruby. I love the color red and jewels make me feel feminine. Hence my love of your above photographs because of the red background.

You are an amazing artist and I love visiting your site to admire all that you make and share with us through your eyes in pictures.

Andrea in Argentina

It may sound a bit creepy, but I'm thinking my kids' baby teeth, that I've saved in a tiny chocolate tin...


I absolutely love dewdrops ... They are so lovely glittering in the morning sun - one of my favorite things to see!


When I am leaning down to look at a tiny mushroom and there is an even tinier bug under it! I am already so pleased to have found a tiny mushroom and it is made more special by the tiny bug crawling on it.

Kit Lang

I wood, I wood like to win! :)

My favourite (natural) thing under 1 cm? Well, the first thing that popped into my head was the visual of rabbit droppings. lol It's not really my favourite natural thing under 1 cm; but now I can't get it out of my head. lol

Perhaps a blueberry? A baby winkle? A pea? :)


We have an ever growing collection of tiny, dead rhinoceros beetles. Please understand, we never collect living ones! But the whole family has an eternal eye out for the less living versions and they are all, gobsmackingly beautiful (and rhinocerosy).

PS. I admit that some come in at over one centimetre.


I adore these images of your wonderful and Lisa's too. Her vessel around your neck looks like she designed them just for you!
The natural colours are fabulous.
Please don't include me in the giveaway as I'm already the happy and fortunate recipient of Margie stones but I enjoy reading the other answers. I love so many tiny things already mentioned but I'm also in awe of the eager faces of tiny baby birds cuddle up in nests.


My favorite natural things are rocks--smooth round rocks. I especially like really small ones, and have them all over my house. I collect rocks from everywhere I travel.


I remember studying a dandelion flower up close at recess and the wonder of delicate furry anthers and petals they have. It was like a miniature world in my hand (Like Dr Suess!) I still love the smell and softness of a dandelion (not located on my lawn:)

Sarah Wick

Lovely, just lovely.

I think hermit crabs are pretty neat.

Dyana Wiggins

I love those little teeny tiny green spiders. Some people call them money spiders. I love them because they are so delicate and sweet. x

sara f

sooo beautiful!
i do love all things tiny, among them, tiny decaying leaves... like just the skeleton of a leaf.

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