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May 02, 2011


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such fresh clean blues, both in the flowers and the dyed results. so nice that you have little furry helpers too!


Such a beautiful blue garden carpet these delicate flowers are, Margie ! You really did a fantastic job with these dyeings. It sounds you added some magic powder, the result is so subtil and poetic ...
And what a clever idea to freeze your gatherings !!!


your furry friends have such sweet expressions..cant but smile every time i see them...

Sonia / Cozy Memories

we can find something to dye with almost at our reach
and there's hardly anything more exciting than experimenting, isn't it ?
and now the purple covered stone is intriguing me ...
thank you so much for all these gorgeous blue & poetic photos today
I'm in color & dye heaven :)


That's beautiful! Love the pottery shards too...

Sherry Harmes

Have you tried pounding some of the flowers into the fabric to give some texture and deeper areas of color? I love this blue and am amazed that such delicate flowers provided such a beautiful color. Happy days to you.


i have been obsessed with grape hyacinths lately. and i am looking forward to the wild indigo in a few weeks.

and scilla is a favorite, too. i love what you've done with the silk. and so clever to freeze some for later.


I love these little flowers. They are always a sure sign of spring to me. And look what you and your kitties have done with them. So pretty.


how wonderful! i love these little flowers also. i have been wanting to try the grape hyacinths and see what color they might leave!!!


That Stone is LOVELY!!
Happy Spring!!!

Holly McLean

Wow, we have sprouts here in northern NB but no blooms yet. What a beautiful shade of blue. Once the fabrics are cured and pressed can you wash them?


Blue is my favorite flower color! And of course those true blues are so elusive. I love that you are using them to dye your fabrics. I planted many blue bulbs last fall that are now blooming. My absolute favorite deep blue though is that of the chinese forget me nots. So easy to grow too!


Such a lovely post - the blue flowers are so dainty - they also made me think of flower pounding. There are loads of how-to sites if anyone cares to google "flower pounding." I wonder how the blue of grape hyacinths would work for dying!


yes, that blue is so beautiful and clean. great work margie.


Your blues made me gasp with pleasure. I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful they are to my (blue) eyes.

I have signed up for my first natural dye workshop in a week's time and I'm so excited. I wonder if you understand just how inspirational you are...


Oh these images are delicate and exquisite. So subtle. I'm excited to see that surface made of pottery shards. I find Victorian shards in my garden every time I dig. I have been collecting them. I see a project coming on.

Janee Lookerse

Hi Friend, Its been so long since I've left you any comments. I'm very sorry. But I have been around! You're photos always capture me. But I am wondering HOW on earth did you dye that fabric with those flowers!?!?!?


Janee Lookerse

Hey again,

I used one of your images in my "inspirational images" post today! Here is the link if you'd like to see:


Thanks for sharing!

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