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May 14, 2011


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Kylie Craftafarian

Love your blog!


It would be so nice to sleep on a petal! Love the photograph, what a great moment caught!


I love those pouches, Margie. They seem like the perfect way to package your stones. Here's hoping you found a good place to curl up in today and maybe tomorrow as I believe the rain is not suppose to stop for awhile. Oh, and thanks for the shoe love earlier.:)


the pouches are beautiful
you sell those pouches - I bet they are all lovingly dyed.

I feel the same way - I need to curl up in a petal
beautiful photo.


sorry - meant to say - you should sell just the pouches too.

Sherry Harmes

Lovely Margie, and I can hardly wait to get mine and the autumn leaves print in the mail. Happy days to you and yours, kittie and fern have the perfect ways to spend rainy days.


these photos are so soothing, from your careful, beautiful packaging to your captured moments at home. hope you had a good rest while it rained outside.


Your handmade pouches are adorable, a lovely gift in itself ! I'm impressed you alreaddy packed and sent all your orders. Fern and Junior are the quickest snail assistants ever ! I'm not surprised they now want to rest in a petal, kind of silk sheet ! I guess it rained just to make you relax cosy at home with your shell and fur friends :) Whatever the weather, I wish you a great Sunday !


A beautiful & meaningful wrapping makes all the difference, I agree. Your stones deserve something better than a simply craft wrapping. And you made wonderful pouches for them. Your costumers are very lucky ones, I hope they do appreciate all the love & care poured and the time spent. oxox

Alice Sailer

( Estoy revisando su blog en forma cronológica, voy en junio del 2008 y como se enlaza el tema de hace tanto tiempo con éste, el comentario que dejé allí lo transcribo también aquí... es el siguiente:)
"Hace unos años, cuando aun no conocía el mundo de los blogs, estuve cubriendo con crochet unas piedras con un fin utilitario en el jardín... fue una solución espontánea que surgió por la necesidad de dar sostén a las enredaderas y porque siempre tengo un proyecto de labores de crochet en curso. Cuando descubrí los blogs y vi estas maravillosas piedras cubiertas de crochet, solo hechas como un objeto bello y artístico, no podía creerlo!!!! "inconsciente colectivo"!!! son tan bellas sus piedras y todos los objetos que cubre... y las últimas que tejió y ya vendió en estos días, ahhh!!!! Una inspiración para pasar de lo útil a lo hermoso!"


all this rain would make anyone feel sleepy.
the dyed fibre is so beautiful, i'm not surprised the stones all disappeared from the shop!


What a beautiful way to wrap your gorgeous stones M. I LOVE your butterfly stamp!


hooray! and what lovely packaging!!!
i love the photo of little fern going on an adventure!
you might this mornings treasury...
hope you get some sun, although it is rainy here too!


The pouches look great! I am looking forward to my mail!AriadnefromGreece!

Carol Dee

I love a rainy day. such a good excuse to do nothing! A nap is a great way to spend some time and kitty and fern lloks so relaxing. Thanks for sharing those wonderful happy critters with us. Hugs...

Janee Lookerse

Your packages look so lovely! Oh so pretty :)


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